Can you Finish a David Goggins Workout?

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David Goggins is a FREAK — can I get a big head nod on that? He was quoted on Twitter “If you don’t like what you see in the mirror…CHANGE IT.”

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Anyone that loses 100 lbs and goes on to finish in the top spots of the world’s toughest ultra running races (Badwater) can be called a true FREAK. He is one of the few men to complete Navy SEAL training and Army Ranger School. He can complete ultra-marathons and ultra – triathlons multiple times, finish workouts easily without breaking a sweat and do 4,030 pull-ups if he put his mind to it. The key is to push your body and make it a beast.

But get this — he says that he hates to swim, hates to bike, hates to run and still does them all on a daily basis—precisely because he hates too. This makes him stronger as he uses discipline to overcome obstacles.

Not only is he physically fit — but his mind is also wired at a very high level. Because, after all, if your mind does not push your body to achieve its best shape, you will never get there. No trainer or army ranger school will help you get there if you do not make up your mind to push yourself to the limit.

Why? Because, as he says, “The path to success will leave you callused, bruised, and very tired. It will also leave you empowered.”

The more empowered you are, the more you’ll function as an elite warrior like Goggins. Special forces training is just a part of what he does because there is so much more to this accomplished endurance athlete than what meets the eye. If you want to be a class ultra-athlete like record holder Goggins, you need to make up your mind, get that workout in, shed those pounds, and become the freak you know you can.

Watch in the video below as Navy SEAL David Goggins, talks about mental toughness and why it’s not about winning, it’s about NOT quitting.

David says, “Everyone comes to a point in their life when they want to quit. But it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are.”

According to Triathlete, every day, he’s up and running by 3 a.m.

After a 20-mile run, he bikes 20 miles to work. He runs at lunch if he can. Then it’s back home (on the bike, of course) to join his wife for weight training in the gym. This includes weights and bodyweight exercises. This is his schedule for achieving and maintaining the level of fitness that he functions on.

He’s in bed no earlier than midnight most nights.

On fitness goals, David says, “Most people who doubt you doubt you because they can never see themselves doing what you are trying to do.”

David goggins, mental toughness, david goggins workout, david goggins quotes

And he doesn’t let anything stop him. In May 2010 his doctor discovered a birth defect that caused a hole in his heart. In any other person, the best you can function at is about 75%. You also can’t SCUBA dive or do anything at a high altitude.

Goggins had surgery to repair his heart and still pushes himself to the max on a daily basis. Whether it’s squats, lunges, push-ups, or weighted exercises; Goggins has managed to smash many fitness records by training like a beast every day. His rigorous training regime has inspired several other fitness routines, and he’s a living example of how the human body can function at its absolute best.

David says he doesn’t like to run or exercise but his goal is to raise funds for the Special Operations Warrior foundation.

QUESTION: What is a good book that can help me learn the relentless drive that David has?

ANSWER: Check out the book Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planetand you can learn more about David and how he trains the mind and body.

There are many life lessons that you can learn from this book and apply them to your training and life. Mind over matter, that’s the solution. He leads this incredible life by training his mind first and his body later.

I was able to meet Jesse Itzler in 2018 at the Spanx headquarters in Atlanta and turned out to be one of the best talks I have heard all year.

What an opportunity to train daily with a top-level elite athlete with David living and training out of Jesse Itzler’s home for a month.

David Goggins pull up

QUESTION: What is a pull-up ladder I can do that is similar to Navy SEALs and what David does?

ANSWER: Check out this Pull up pyramid 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. If you are an athlete or Spec Ops candidate then add a weight vest. Now go run 6 miles on a trail with a lot of elevation.

David Goggins Major Races & Accomplishments

David Goggins is a holder of a large number of records, including the record for pull-ups, ultra-triathlons, push-up challenge, and much more. You do not get to this level by just doing a gym workout and posting it on Instagram, you have to make sure that your mind, your body, and your diet is always in the right frame.

His brutal workouts have inspired people all over the world. It is not just the crazy workouts that make him an inspiration, though. It is how he keeps his intense routine intact day after day, including his stretching routine and his strength training into it. He keeps his body lean by doing the endurance activities he does and keeps his professional life working within his crazy routine, as well.

The impressive list of his achievements and records are mentioned below:

2020 JFK (MD) 50 Miles 7:08:26
2019 Moab 240 (UT) 238 Miles 62:21:29 2nd place
2018 Leadville Trail (CO) 100 Miles 22:55:44 35th place
2017 Frozen Trail Run Fest (OR) 50 KM 4:44:16 5th place
2017 Silver Rush 50 (CO) 50 Miles 13:38:51
2016 Strolling Jim 40 Miler – 04:54:15 (1st place)
2016 Infinitus 88k – 12:01:00 (1st place. This race is one of the most hardcore brutal races in the world. Goggins finished 20 minutes ahead of the second place winner.)
2019 Leadville 100 miler – 22:55:44 – 5th place
2016 Zane Grey 50 Miler – 11:23:29
2016 Music City Ultra 50k – 04:30:4
2015 Hellgate 100k – 11:56:02
2013 – Broke the world record for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours: 4,025 in 17 hours
2009 HURT 100 Miler Endurance Run – 25:28:00
2008 – Kona Ironman World Championship – 11:24:01
2008 – MiWok 100k Race – 9:55:19
2007 – Leadville 100 – 22:15:36
2007 – Badwater Ultra – 25:49:40
2006 – Ultraman World Championship – 41:23:00
2006 – Badwater Ultra Marathon – 30:18:54
2006 – San Diego 100 Mi – 21:21:00

Recently he posted up on twitter his morning diet of steel cut oatmeal with blueberries.
He has also mentioned a protein shake with strawberries and bananas.


– Wake at 3:00 – 4:00 a.m.
– Run 10-15 miles
– Bike 25 miles to work
– Run during lunch
– After work, bike home

Recently we have seen reports that he is doing 2 hour assault bike rides at home as an extra.

Quote: Motivation is crap. It comes and goes. Find what you’re passionate about. Then you can be driven. When you’re driven you don’t give a damn.

david goggins workout log, David goggins, mental toughness, david goggins workout

QUESTION: What kind of running shoes does David Goggins wear?

ANSWER: He wears Brooks Addiction running shoes for long distance endurance events.

QUESTION: How many miles per week does David Goggins bike?

ANSWER: He bikes around 150 miles a week. That’s 8,000 – 10,000 miles a year.

QUESTION: Why did Goggins decide to do the Badwater race?

ANSWER: He googled the ten hardest events and that event came up on the top. I was listening to his podcast interview with Joe Rogan and he talked about how he decided to do that race.

QUESTION: Where can I find out more info about joining the Navy SEALs?

ANSWER: Check out the US Navy SEAL/SWCC website here.

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