Muscle Juice vs CB1 weight gain

Check out the reviews and videos for Muscle Juice vs CB1 weight gain and you decide which one is best for your workouts and gains.

Muscle Juice 2600 review by Jim:
My buddy recommended that i try the Musclejuice as I need to gain a few pounds.

I am about 145 lbs but need to get some muscle.

I have been using Ultimate Nutrition Platinum Series Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 Vanilla Creme for over a month and could feel it within a few days as I checked on the scale and had gained.

My buddy was like yeah; thats whats up and now my other friend I gave him a sample to try.

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CB1 weight gain review by Lisa:
I have always been skinny and wanted to build more muscle. I never weighed over 97 pounds because of my fast metabolism. I tried another product but it did not help at all but now that I am using CB-1, I am hungry more often than I was before. Before CB-1 I wore a size 0 but now I wear a size 3 and a 4.

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More review on CB1:
I would recommend this product to anyone. I went from 97 to 106 pounds. And I love it!!! My weight goal is 130-140 so I am going to keep taking CB-1 because it has really helped me gain weight. Just because you see bad reviews about CB-1 doesn’t mean that it has to keep you from buying the product. You should give it a try for those of you who struggle with trying to gain weight. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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