Question of the week: How do I make healthy weight gains and build Muscle?

Coach Brad;
healthy-weight-gainI know this is probably the opposite of what you get asked, but i was wondering how would you go by gainning weight in the most healthy way.

I am 6’4″ and i weigh about 198 lbs. I know my body frame could carry alot more without looking unhealthy. I eat and exercise a lot.

I do try to lift some weights but focus more on body weight exercises. Also, i have been very curious about taking some type of supplement. Was wondering what would you recommend. from C-Dog.

Answer: Good question C-Dog. Check out these tips to build lean muscle in a healthy way while staying functionally fit.

TIP #1

Lift heavy low reps with a higher weight.

Squat, bench press, shoulder press and deadlift.

All the basic lifts to build strength.

Get in a gym with a barbell and do sets of 5. Chain yourself to the squat rack.

Yes; you can also build muscle with bodyweight exercises.

Do pull ups, dips and pushups and add a weight vest.


healthy-mealAdd more lean protein to your diet like eggs, chicken, fish and lean beef.

Boil up a dozen eggs and keep them in your fridge.

Cook up some lean burgers and make extra for the next day.

Wrap them in tin foil and take them to school or work with you.

Put a big bag of beef jerky in your backpack and take it with you on the go.

Keep a gallon of milk in the fridge and drink it with every meal.


Add more clean high quality protein.

Yes; you can buy grade D protein powder at Walmart for $12.99.

Then you are going to wonder why you feel bloated and sit on the toilet 4x a day.

Eating clean nutrition is the opposite of “dirty bulking” where guys eat a tub of ice cream every night to gain weight.

Yes; they gain weight but most of it is fat and non-productive.

Buy a clean high grade protein and your body will thank you.


trail running tipsIt goes against our training as we love to push the outer edges of endurance.

But there is a point where endurance running will break down muscle and keep you from building extra mass.

So you will need to limit your endurance while you are in the muscle building phase.

After that you can work your way back in to an endurance schedule so you will be ready for anything at anytime.


athlete-sleepingGet 8 hours of sleep a night.
Don’t get 6 and don’t get 7. Get 8.

I know you say you are busy and need to get to work.

But if you don’t repair and restore your body with good sleep then you will be stressing your body out.

When you body gets stressed then you get sick.

When you get sick you don’t get to go to the gym.

Sleep is your friend to help you repair and restore your body and get you recharged for the next day.

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