Question of the week: “How can I build up my core and get six pack abs?”

If you are reading this email you are a go-getter. A self starter. A guy who gets $#%& done.

You are not a slacker. You are not a loser. You move away from negative people.

bodyweight bodybuilding brad mcleodSo when I answer questions like “”How can I build up my core and get six pack abs?”

I know that you will take charge and do exactly what needs to be done.

Answer: Start first by building your core with deadlifts. Use proper form starting with a barbell and light weight. You can also do dead lifts with dumbbells. This will become a cornerstone of your training.

To have six pack abs is mostly in your diet. If you eat ice cream and pizza and suck down a gallon of soda – you will never have six pack abs no matter how many situps you do.

You have to eat clean with no extra sugar and no processed carbs.

Yes; working your core is key. Check out this workout

Core Workout #1
5 sets of
10 toes to bar
10 four count flutter kicks (strict with your legs straight and toes pointed)

this has very little to do with bodybuilding and everything to do with functional fitness.

buds boats thumbnailIn BUDS you need to be able to hold on to a bar so that you can climb a ladder to board a ship.

In BUDS you need to be able to do thousands of flutter kicks to swim out past the surf zone and link up with a boat.

Yes; I know that many of you may not be going to BUDS.

But these same exercises will help you on a Spartan Race, on a GORUCK challenge or doing your next mud run.

Losing that extra body fat (tips HERE) is super important if you want to stay lean and mean for the long haul.

Losing extra body fat will make you faster on your next mile run.

Losing extra body fat will help you do more pullups and pushups.

Losing excess body fat will give you more confidence and self esteem.

So far we have had several athletes in our SGPT Fat Loss Program that have lost 6 to 10 lbs in 24 days!

That is amazing as we are working on healthy fat loss and changing bad habits one day at a time.

And one of these athletes that loses the most weight is going to win a Multi-tool at the end of 30 days.

What is your goal? To go to BUDS? Do a GORUCK? Lose 10 lbs of fat and do a 5k run?

Email me now at and let me know your goal and how I can help you.

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