Ray Lewis Workout

Ray Lewis is known on the field and off as an intense player.

Check out these workouts that this Pro Bowl NFL players uses as he pushes to the extreme.

These are all workouts that you can do with minimal equipment. You can workout just like Ray Lewis.

In the weight room –

Bent over rows with dumbbells

Bicep curls to failure



One thing that you will hear pro football player say over and over again is that “the body is a temple.”

For speed and agility Ray works out with a weighted 30 lb vest in sand pit.

Cone drills – forward and backward

lateral movements with agility ladder

in and outs – fast feet on ladder

What kinds of supplements does Ray Lewis use?

Ray uses Twinlab Endurance Fuel Powder to keep him fueled up for his long workouts and pro football training sessions.

We just picked up a tub and are using it for workouts.

General Conditioning Warmups

20 jumping jacks

20 windmills

20 side to side

20 jump rope drills

20 air squats

20 supermans

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Heavy dumbell press

Cross body hammer curls

Sitting Russian twist

He works out with his personal trainer 6 days a week and two to three times a day.

as his trainer says “We are training for life, there is not limit.

In the off season Ray Lewis works out hard to stay ahead of his game.

Ray says “I train not only as a NFL football player but as a way of life.” Champions are made right here. Safety Ed Reed also joins these workouts.

He also performs kickboxing, martial arts, and swims in the pool.

He says that he uses meditation to calm his mind. “But when the spirit is low in my mind – the body always gives out”.

He is quoted as saying “The hardest thing to do is work hard when no one is watching.”

His workouts are intense and he can be very creative. As a young boy he would pick a card out of a deck and perform the number of pushups or situps.

You can do the same thing at home. Grab a set of cards and call out and assign a bodyweight exercise for each suit. Diamonds – pushups. Heart – situps. Spades – air squats. Clubs – pull ups (or ring rows). The next card pulled from the deck is the number of reps you have to perform of that exercise.

Also add in 20 jumping jacks for Jacks, Queens – 20 mountain climbers, Kings – 30-second plank, Aces – 1/2 mile run. Pick one card at a time and work your way through the deck.

You will definitely get a good pump with this workout.

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