5.11 Tactical Bailout Bag Review

5.11 Tactical Bail Out bag review by Billy T:
Positives: nice size bag for patrol gear, and extra ammo.

Overall build quality in the 5.11 bail out bag and it seem goods and it is attractive.

Concerns: missing double and reenforced stitching in some areas that need it like zip seams. It doesn’t have a compact profile.

I think it is ideal for it’s intended purpose and I would recommend it.

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5.11 Tactical Series Bail Out Bag EDC Review

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5.11 Tactical bag review by PT:

Great patrol rifle kit.

I use this at work (SWAT) to hold a backup Glock 32, two mags for it, six mags for the rifle, and an expanded gunshot wound and trauma kit.

The 5.11 Bail Out Bag is perfect for DASF scenarios and assists. You can also use the bag as an EMT.

Question: Would you use this as an every day carry?

Answer: Yes; it would definitely work for that. We have heard of US Army Special Forces using them overseas.

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