Belleville One Xero boot reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Belleville One Xero boots and you decide if it is good enough for your feet.

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Belleville One Xero boot review:
The boots are extremely comfortable and fit really well.

The toe box is very spacious and doesn’t require any breaking in.

The only complaint I have about the boots is that the fabric was a little scuffed on the left boot when I received them.

It doesn’t affect the functionality of the Belleville One Xero boots in any way.

Also, there was a tiny gap between the treading and the boot fabric on the right boot. Other than these two superficial complaints, these boots are the most comfortable I’ve worn.

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Belleville One Xero boot review
If you want to run on friendly terrain do it in these light boots! They are flexible and look great. The soles are much softer than US Army standard issue boots, so if you’re stepping on rocks you will feel them almost like a running shoe. I like the Belleville One Xero boots more and more each day. Shoestrings are the easiest to tie ever for boots, you can pull them with so much ease and smoothness and tie nicely.

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