BodyGlide Anti Chafe Review

bodyglide anti chafe reviewBodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm is the recognized leader for comfort and helps prevent and relieve hot spots on feet, and chafed, chapped and cracked skin from head to toe; good during & after activity.

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If your competing in triathlons, hiking long distance or working out for Spartan Race or Tough Mudder events – you have go to use Body Glide. Bodyglide Anti chafe Review by Spencer Guinn (Kokoro graduate)

I have used this product for years professionally as a Sports Medicine specialist and personally climbing, running, cycling, etc. Your two “enemies” during these long events are friction and moisture.  Body Glide prevents friction and repels moisture better than any product that I have tried.  Kokoro was 50 hours of non-stop activity, and despite the constant sand and water exposure I did not have any chafing or blisters.  You even commented that I had the best “post-Kokoro feet” you had ever seen!  Many in our group were not so lucky, and it can lead to serious injuries or having to drop out.  I strongly recommend it to my patients and fellow competitors for all endurance-type activities.

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BodyGlide Anti Chafe Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Chafing should be a four-letter word. There are parts of my body that cannot live without Bodyglide Anti-chafe Balm. You name it, I use it there. If I forget to use it, I may not be able sit down or wear a bra without pain for days. It lasts throughout a three-hour run without feeling sticky or gooey. You can’t even tell when it’s there, but you can tell when it isn’t.

BodyGlide Anti Chafe Review
5 out of 5 stars
I recently returned from almost 3 weeks of treking around Italy. I’m not a runner (or a walker, or even mildly aerobic) and I have baby-tender feet, so I was very concerned about blistering. On the advice of some runner-friends, I bought Bodyglide Skin Glide and coated my feet with it EVERY DAY before I put on my socks and shoes.

My feet were tired and achy every night, but NO BLISTERS!! This is an amazing testament to the power of BodyGlide because sometimes I can have blisters wearing normal shoes during a normal, low activity work-day, and I was walking for hours at a time over bricks, cobblestones, you-name-it. If you are going to be traveling where you will be walking more than usual or on a different terrain then you are used to, buy a big, ol stick of Bodyglide and coat your feet every day!

BodyGlide Anti Chafe Review
Have used this on many long runs/marathons/ultramarathons and can’t complain with any experience. Used on “upper-inner thigh”, nipples, lats, privates, feet, etc. with positive experience every time. Just a shame that the clothing/weather forces you to have to use this product. Not many experiences in torrential downpours, but it does take a little extra scrubbing to remove in the shower afterwards, so i imagine it holds up fairly well. Have not tried any other comperable products to compare to however, outside of Vaseline. IMHO, Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm
works better than straight Vaseline.

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Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: what is better than body glide for running? Body Glide is about the best product you can use but there are a few others out there like 2Toms Blister Shield and Trail Toes is good for toe blisters.

Question: I am doing the Ironman triathlon next year…Coach, where is the best place to buy body glide anti-chafe balm? The best place to buy BodyGlide is here at

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