Top 10 Anti-Chafe Creams

endurance athlete anti chafeIf your training for your next endurance event (GoRuck, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, 50k Trail run) your going to want to protect your vital areas.

Try to gut it out with out the cream and you will feel the pain.

We always recommend to lather up anti-chafe balm on your toes and feet along with your nipples and under arms – where ever you need it.

Check out the best anti-chafe balms and creams that we recommend to keep you up and running – without getting chapped and your inner thighs worn out.

Hoo Ha ride glide review by Ellen: I love this stuff. I ride about 16 miles each day and longer rides on the weekend as I am working towards a century. This product works as described. I love the cooling feeling from Reflect Sports Hoo Ha Ride Glide. I don’t think it burns, it’s a little surprising at first but overall it’s very soothing.

It was recommended to me at several bike stores over the Chamois Butter because the Hoo Ha cream has the anti-bacterial properties. I’ve heard stories from women getting infections because they did not use an anti-bacterial cream. My friend did a century without it and was sore for atnleast a week. The 2nd century she used Hoo Ha and it worked great. We are going to get some of the .25 oz sizes to keep in our saddle bags just in case we leave the house without it.

Video – Bodyglide anti chafe balm review

DZNuts review by HHotchi:
I’ve used Assos chamois cream for years but just switched over to DV Nuts cause the LBS carried it.

The Amazon price is half the price. DZNuts Pro Chamois Cream has a pleasantly tingly feel that lets you know you’re protected.

It’s especially useful during wet rides.

Would recommend to any serious cyclist, runner or endurance athlete. My only complaint would be that it should come in a bigger container.

Mission Athletecare 5 hour review by Tab: My husband, with whom I share this account, wrote the following review: I chose this product in haste, mostly because the Body Glide wasn’t available for a decent price for Prime shipping (and i needed it quick).

I was very surprised at how well it worked. Don’t know about the 5 hour thing, but I used it for the 1/2 marathon I ran Saturday (finished in just under two hours) and there was absolutely no chafing. Used on both my chest and upper legs (my two problem areas) and neither had any chafing whatsoever. I should also mention that I sweat a great deal, so Mission Athletecare 5 Hour Anti-Chafe Stick was probably tested to its limits. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing protection from exercise chafing. I would only say test it on longer runs before relying on it in a race significantly longer than two hours.

Band Aid Brand Friction Block Stick review by GAMom:
I will say I did not use this in the recommended way, for shoe blisters, because I tend not to keeps shoes that cause blisters. What I did want this for, I am almost embarassed to say is chafing in other areas. I don’t consider myself overweight, but by darned if my upper inner thighs don’t chafe like crazy when I sweat.

It has been to the point that I felt like my skin was ripping off and I get actual swelling in the chafed area. I thought this might help, so I applied it and it worked like a charm for me. What was also helpful and hopefully not a fluke was that my shorts did not seems to ride up as much between my legs. The Band Aid Brand Friction Block Stick is smaller than a travel size deoderant but pretty much is used in the same way. I wish I could review how it works with shoe blisters but like I said, I have no shoes that cause blisters, but I do like how it works with chafing and it would be my guess it would work well.

Gold Bond Friction Defense review by Brady:
I have been using Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm every day for quite some time now due to the fact that I’m an amateur bodybuilder with large thighs that create quite a bit of friction. I’m also a road biker and use it whenever I go cycling.

This week was my first experience with Gold Bond Friction Defense, which was 1/2 the price of Bodyglide (I buy Bodyglide on Amazon and Gold Bond Friction Defense Soothing Formula at Walmart), and I’m here to report that I cannot tell a single difference between the two products. They both go on clear and provide excellent friction protection. I’m not certain yet, but it seems that the Gold Bond brand washes off a little better in the shower. In any case, I always apply the products after complete and thorough drying of all areas; I have found this help quite a bit. Due to the price difference and identical performance, I’ll be buying Gold Bond from here on out.

Video – using Red11

Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream review by Bill: I have been buying this for over a year now, and I can’t live without it. I am a professional chef, and work under very hot and sweaty conditions at a fast pace everyday. Chaffing has always been an issue and at times a very painful one. I have tried other powders and such, but they all wear off within a few hours. Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream lasts all day long!

I know that it is intended for running and other sports, but anyone who has a physically demanding job should have some. They should have called it “blue collar work cream” instead. If you are even looking at this, you need it! Don’t work/play through the pain anymore! Relief is here!

Natural Anti-chafe Balm. Helps Prevent and Protect Against Chafing, Blisters, Sores, from Clothes, Sweat and Sports… by Rocket Pure

Chafe Zone Anti-Chafe Stick (exclusivly from The Tactical Medic) by Med-Zone (exclusivly from The Tactical Medic)

bodyglide anti chafe reviewBodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balmis the recognized leader for comfort and helps preventand relieve hot spots on feet, and chafed, chapped and cracked skin from head to toe; good during & after activity.

If your competing in triathlons, hiking long distance or working out for Spartan Race or Tough Mudder events – you have go to use Body Glide. Bodyglide Anti chafe Review by Spencer Guinn (Kokoro graduate)

I have used this product for years professionally as a Sports Medicine specialist and personally climbing, running, cycling, etc. Your two “enemies” during these long events are friction and moisture.

Body Glide prevents friction and repels moisture better than any product that I have tried.  Kokoro was 50 hours of non-stop activity, and despite the constant sand and water exposure I did not have any chafing or blisters.  You even commented that I had the best “post-Kokoro feet” you had ever seen!  Many in our group were not so lucky, and it can lead to serious injuries or having to drop out.  I strongly recommend it to my patients and fellow competitors for all endurance-type activities

Check out Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm @

Aquaphor review by T.Tom:
For as long as I can remember I’ve had very dry cracked lips. Sometimes it would be so bad that I would have pieces of dried skin hanging loose on my lip. I tried almost every product ever recommend to me including expensive Skinceuticals Anti-Oxidant lip repair and Khiel’s Lip Balm to no avail. While some of these products seemed to help a bit, in the end nothing really came close to Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

It stays on the lips longer and seems to actually work to make my lips not as dry and definitely more smooth and soft. I only have to apply it a few times a day and my lips are fine. It has been a godsend for me. I don’t consider it expensive because a little goes a long way and compared to the other products I tried, it’s cheap.

Questions from SGPT Athletes.

Question: What is better than body glide for running? Body Glide is about the best product you can use but there are a few others out there like 2Toms Blister Shield.

I personally used Aquaphor at the Turning Steel event.

Question: What are some other products that work well to protect your body? Check out the list below.

Question: “Coach Brad, did you use any lube when you were in BUDS?

Answer: Yes; I used Vaseline but tried not to put it on too thick.

Runner Ups:
RunGuard Anti-Chafe Stick
Miracle of Aloe Chafe Guard Anti Friction Stick
Trail Toes
Doc’s All Natural Chafe Stick
Blue Steel

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