CQB Tactical Gear Equipment List

cqb tactical gear equipment list CQB stands for Closed Quarter Combat/Battle.

This type of fighting can be done in any environment that requires room entry or house to house warfare.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and Military groups like Delta Force and DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) require a wide array of precise equipment to perform their surgical movements against enemy forces.

Depending on the mission – this is a list of gear used for these type of drills and fighting.

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swat team cab equipment listThe most important piece of clothing would be a body armor vest. Without it you are in grave danger. After that you will need a good pair of lightweight boots with a great grip in case the floors are slippery or you have to climb.

Outer clothing usually consists of fire-proof Nomex gear, or flight suits. Some SWAT Teams just wear tactical pants and tops.

Outer tactical vest for carrying ammunition and other gear, Nomex or other tactical gloves, balaclava or protective face covering, protective eye goggles, Kevlar helmet or gas mask, flashlight (NightOps, Streamlight, Inova and Quiqlite to name a few), combat boots, flexi-cuffs, and thigh ammo pouches.

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You need a pair of gloves to protect your hands from getting cut and scraped when you are entering a building. Different units prefer different style of gloves.

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Covert Gloves are a go to glove for SWAT and SEAL Teams as they are pretty good for the money (under $30) and you get a good feel of the weapon and the possible prisoner you will handle.


A wide variety of weapons may be used by SWAT teams. Some of those weapons may include: submachine guns, carbines, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, concussion (flash bang).

Occassionally tear gas grenades, with semi-automatic handguns will be used as needed.

Popular submachine guns used by tactical teams will include a 9 mm Heckler & Koch MP5 and 10 mm MP5/10 (use by the FBI HRT and US Capitol Police), with or without suppressors.

Weapons often have EOTech Tactical HOLOgraphic sights.

Which can be used to gain a better sight on the target.

You will want to know how to quickly remove the EOTech in case it gets damaged or batteries go dead.

So that you can shoot your weapon with iron sights.

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Rifles include the M16 and M4 Carbine.


In order to breach doors quickly, devices such as battering rams, Hallagan tools, Gorilla Bars, shotguns, and small explosive charges can be used to break the lock or hinges, or even demolish the door frame itself.

Well-funded tactical units may also employ armored cars for insertion, maneuvering, or during the assault. Helicopters may be used to provide aerial reconnaissance or even insertion via rappelling. This will avoid detection during insertion in urban environments, tactical gear units may also use modified buses, vans, trucks, or other seemingly normal vehicles.

For tactical reconnaissance purposes, a team may be equipped with tactical binoculars or a monocle, fiber optic cameras, thermal cameras, mirror rigs, or a variety of audio or video surveillance equipment. In low light operations, tactical units may be equipped with night vision goggles.

Questions from our readers online.

Question: What kinds of boots do SWAT Team guys wear?

Answer: They wear a wide range of tactical boots – you name it Oakley, Lowa, Blackhawk Warrior Wear Light Assault boots, Nike, Bates. Pick a boot that fits and stick with it.

Question: What is the preferred weapon for CQB? Depends on the mission but many guys like the H&K MP5.

Question: Are compression gear allowed during SWAT and military training? Yes; compression shorts are used in SWAT training and definitely used routinely in BUDS training.

Question: Do you have a FBI hostage rescue team equipment list? Yes, check out the list above as the FBI HRT uses much of this gear.

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