Danner Crag Rat vs Bates RAT Boot Review

Check out the comparisons and reviews for the Danner Crag Rat vs Bates Rat boot and you be the judge which one will be your go to field boot.

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The Danner Crag Rat boot features a new Dynamic Response System which was developed for the most rugged high altitude conditions.

It provides the protection, the response, the rigidity and the support needed when battling ridgeline conditions of rock, jagged debris, packed snow and ice.

In short, it’s made for serious hiking.

Danner Crag Rat GTX Hiking Boot Review
The most comfortable hiking boots I’ve ever and I’ve owned many. Used these in Alaska and they worked perfect.

Bates Rugged All Terrain (RAT) Boot Review

Let me start out by saying that I bought these boots on the cheap as closeout items and have owned them for less than three weeks. But, I have worn them all day everyday since that time and I see no place where they appear to be falling apart, or any indication that they intend to fall apart.

As I understand it some of the boots, especially the first hundred fifty thousand or so had quality control issues. Then they fixed it but, still lost the USMC contract. I don’t know the validity of this but, the point is that it seems that the later series of manufactured boots were made without the flaws that caused the failures. Nevertheless, I ordered mine and rolled the dice. So far I’m very happy. These boots fit very comfortably. They are heavy duty but, not particularly heavy weight. If in fact that last me a while they will be one of the best boot purchases I have made. If they begin to fail (other than the normally expected wear and tear) I will come back and update this review.

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Danner boots vs Bates boots

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