Danner vs Redwing Boots

danner vs red wing bootsCheck out these reviews, videos and comparisons of the Danner vs Redwing boots.

Danner boots are USA crafted in Portland Oregon. Rugged all-terrain and built with nothing but the best materials, the Danner® RAT stands ready for any mission, any environment, any time.

Danner Desert Tfx Rough Out Boot review:
I just got back from Afghanistan. I wore these boots everyday for a year. Wore them out as a matter of fact. That’s why I’m here buying another pair exactly like my last ones. The Danner 26016 is far and away the best military boot I’ve ever owned.

The Danner Desert Tfx Rough Out GTX Military Boot are fantastic under heavy loads, and I don’t find the lacing to be an issue. I’ll not own another kind, given the choice. Extreme hot, extreme cold. 100% satisfied, and I’m coming back for more.

Video – Danner® RAT Temperate Military Boots Review

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RedWing Heritage Boots Review
I have worn these boots for over a month now and wanted to report back on how they are doing. The Red Wing Heritage Boots are high quality boots. The leather just feels legit. I’ve got some other very nice leather boots and shoes and these boots surpass them all in leather quality. The leather is thicker, yet supple. The entire boot feels well-constructed.

The stitching is top notch. The soles should last forever (c’mon, they’re Vibram!) and if they don’t they could easily be replaced. I’ve gotten compliments from both hipsters and true-blue working class dudes alike. The verdict is in: these boots are the real deal.

Video – Red Wing Heritage 8114 Iron Ranger Review

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Danner® RAT Temperate Military Boots Review
The first pair of danners I put on I was impressed with. As much as I was impressed with that first pair over other military-boots, I am that much impressed with this pair over those. I’ve read reviews where people said “no break in” before, and thought people were exaggerating. I put my foot in these boots, and I could flex my foot in in direction: forward, backward, right, left and they boot just moved with my foot with no discomfort.

I could bend down and flex the toe and the supple leather in both the toe and the back of the boot just flexed perfectly with my movement. These are amazing. I tied them as tight as I would a pair of boots a year old and they just moved with my foot perfectly. I can’t emphasis enough how there was absolutely no break in with these boots.

I matched these up with a good pair of over the calf socks like the Fox River and put a little bit of vaseline on the heel of my foot to reduce friction. I have been able to hike all day without any issues. The only time I got a blister was when I did not use vaseline on my heel.

Video – Danner® RAT Temperate Military Boots Review

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Question: What about the redwing 2414 vs danner quarry? Or what about the redwing 411 vs danner rainforest?

Answer: Both are good boots so I would try them both on and see which one fits your foot the best.

Question: Are Danner boots really used in the military?

Yes; Danners are issued to U.S. Army Rangers.

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