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FrogLube Review

After reading multiple product reviews I decided to give Frog Lube a try.

After receiving it I detail stripped my AR-15 and put it through a ultrasonic cleaner with simple green to get all the old gunk off.

After rinsing the simple green of with water I got the parts dried off with a heat gun, thereby both drying the parts and warming the metal per Frog Lubes instructions. I mainly applied the Frog Lube paste as it was easy to scoop out of the little tub and apply.

I immediately liked the smell of Frog Lube, a very pleasant minty aroma. This special lube seemed to melt immediately onto the hot metal parts, flowing pretty easily over the metal.

I was introduced to this product by a Sig armorer. I tried it. I loved it. It works. Period. Just like everyone else is saying here. Here is my break down of it as the Froglube CLP Cleaner Lubricant Protectant.

I have found that putting it on warm metal makes it work great…just like they say. I rub the paste on, let it sit and penetrate. A few minutes later….wipe it off. Clean enough to eat on. I even tried it on my mountain bike chain and components after running out of degreaser. Worked better than anything I have ever tried. I probably will not use it for my bike as I want to keep it for all of my weapons. I like it as it is a great cleaner.

Once you use it on the parts you will notice it’s still there, having saturated the parts. Great for lube and goes a long way.

I like to hunt hogs in south Georgia and the conditions can be in very muddy and dirty. iIt is nothing for me to get mud and water or sand in the action of my shot gun when wading out into the swamps chasing after wild pigs. The thing about this product is that when they say it saturates the metal, it truly does. I have taken apart the muddied up shot gun, cleaned the gunk out, and found after the parts are dry and free of grime, that you can still actually feel the Frog Lube on the clean metal. And trust me, I DO NOT over lube my guns. Great protective features. It’s still on there and after all that moisture not speck of rust anywhere, unlike even the best of of other CLPs. I am a believer. And it is safe and non-toxic.

Question: Was Frog Lube designed by a Navy SEAL? Yes.

Question: What do you think of FrogLube vs Militec? Both are very good and get the job done. Check out our review of Militec lube.

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