Kill Cliff Drink Recipes

kill cliff flag Attention Kill Cliff fans!

Are you ready for the KILL CLIFF COCKTAIL?

Check out a couple tips to Jack UP your Kill Cliff and still keep it legal.

Mix equal parts: Patron Orange, Grey Goose Orange, KILL CLIFF… throw in a little OJ if you want…

What do you get? An evening cocktail that beats a RE* BUL* and Vodka any day of the week!!!

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Kill Cliff Tri Flavor (300x250)Kill Cliff is an amazing hangover recovery drink and a hangover preventer. Bars in Atlanta mix many types of cocktails with Kill Cliff, from Kill Cliff and Vodka, and Killeritas (a margarita made with Kill Cliff) to Kill Cliff and Makers Mark.

Believe it or not one of the most popular mixers is with beer, and call it is called Manmosa (not kidding). Anyway, people swear it will prevent a hangover and I believe it generally cuts the repercussions of over imbibing the night before.

Booze Mixer – If you’ve been to a bar in the last 5 years, you know what a Jager Bomb is.  Red Bull was great at marketing their product to bars as a “keep you dancing all night” drink.  Well, Kill Cliff can be used the same way.  Like the email above mentions, it actually lessens your hangover!

I had one bender using KC through the night, and one without.  The day after the KC night, I woke up refreshed and ready to go.  The day after the non-KC night, well, I blogged about it.  It was a great day, but I still felt like shit.  Go to Kill Cliff’s “Drinks” section for a few ideas.  Since it tastes like a Blood Orange, I would recommend making your own screwdrivers.  Yum!

Post up your favorite Kill Cliff drink recipe here.

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