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Check out the Kill Cliff reviews. Kill Cliff was created by a former US Navy SEAL. What is Kill Cliff? The goal was to create a low calorie, recovery aid, that could be consumed on a daily basis while delivering key nutraceutical ingredients to help improve athletic performance and speed recovery. Check out these Kill Cliff reviews.

What does Kill Cliff do? Does Kill Cliff really work?
Kill Cliff was created based on the theory that an integral part of enhancing sports performance is reducing inflammation. We observed that most recovery and sports performance products were only trying to do two things – artificially increase energy and replace depleted sugars and electrolytes. We recognized that these products were missing the fact that the real culprit for reduced performance and slowed recovery is inflammation.

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Kill Cliff has just signed up to be a supporter of the 2014 Crossfit games.

A really beneficial sports recovery drink needs the right blend of nutrients and anti-inflammatory ingredients, with a low calorie count, making it a suitable option for every day consumption.

The result is Kill Cliff, an amazingly tasty, endurance and recovery drink that is good for you and isn’t laden with sugar.

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Kill Cliff Reviews by Susan Smoaks – I received a case of Kill Cliff Sports Recovery Drinks to sample and review.  I am not a very active person so I thought that these would be better for the athletes in my life.  I did try one and it was really good.  I loved that it was natural tasting and no sugar crash after drinking it.  I felt good after having a Kill Cliff.  I also shared these with my family and friends and everyone gave me positive feedback about the drink.  They said they were really good tasting and the drinks made them feel restored after a hard workout.

One of my cousins even said this drink was a good cure for a hangover, but I didn’t test that theory myself.  I am too old for hangovers anyway.  Kill Cliff is the world’s only anti-inflammatory sports drink.  Kill Cliff Reviews

Kill Cliff Reviews

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Kill Cliff Where to Buy
Where to buy Kill Cliff?
Get 10% Off with Kill Cliff Coupon Code “SEALGRINDERPT” – Click Here

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Kill Cliff Reviews by Bonny – Have you ever heard of Kill Cliff – Sports Recovery Drink?  It is the most awesome Sports Drink I have ever had!  I have never heard of it until I got an offer to do this review.  This will definitely be added to my grocery list each week.  I am very impressed with Kill Cliff, it is a vitamin blend, herbal blend, and an enzyme blend that make this drink so awesome!  It is lightly carbonated and taste absolutely fantastic!  For this review I received one case of Kill Cliff.  I would highly recommend Kill Cliff!  I just absolutely love it! Kill Cliff Reviews

Where to buy Kill Cliff?
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Kill Cliff Reviews by F. Lady
-My Thoughts-I am personally not one to promote any type of energy drink at all, but I totally support Kill Cliff!The ingredients are pure, the blend of nutrients work, taste great and only has 15 calories!

I was sent a case of Kill Cliff, and have enjoyed them with absolutely no crash feeling later in the day! Made here in the U.S. of course, this company is based in Atlanta! Kill Cliff Reviews

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Kill Cliff Reviews by My Own Private Idaho
(Note:  This is not a paid Kill Cliff reviews, but I was given a case to sample for this post.  My opinions are my own, and if I hated the product, I’d still tell ya.)

I am writing about my new favorite energy drink. So here is my Kill Cliff Reviews

Except, it’s not an energy drink…. You see, it doesn’t have the “energy” you find in a lot of energy drinks, but this product will pick you up, keep you sharp, and prime you for whatever life throws at you.

It’s a new Sports Drink called Kill Cliff.  It was designed by a former Navy SEAL who was looking for a liquid form of ibuprofen.  Since there was nothing on the market, he made his own.  The result is an anti-inflammatory drink that is good for many purposes. Kill Cliff Reviews

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Kill Cliff Reviews- Basically, Kill Cliff, is a anti inflammatory supporting beverage that tastes great an was designed to improve sports performance. It is getting very popular with Cross Fit athletes, as many top Cross Fit competitors are huge fans as well. We have all types of athletes who drink the beverage, from MLB baseball players, to UFC fighters and literally every other type of athlete, we even have a competitive eater who dunked her hotdogs in the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest on Coney Island this July 4th.

Kill Cliff is an amazing hangover recovery drink and a hangover preventer. Bars in Atlanta mix many types of cocktails with Kill Cliff, from Kill Cliff and Vodka, and Killeritas (a margarita made with Kill Cliff) to Kill Cliff and Makers Mark. Believe it or not one of the most popular mixers is with beer, and call it is called Manmosa (not kidding). Anyway, people swear it will prevent a hangover and I believe it generally cuts the repercussions of over imbibing the night before. Kill Cliff Reviews

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Sam N. – I love this stuff. I am buying a case

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Booze Mixer – If you’ve been to a bar in the last 5 years, you know what a Jager Bomb is.  Red Bull was great at marketing their product to bars as a “keep you dancing all night” drink.  Well, Kill Cliff can be used the same way.  Like the email above mentions, it actually lessens your hangover!  I had one bender using KC through the night, and one without.  The day after the KC night, I woke up refreshed and ready to go.  The day after the non-KC night, well, I blogged about it.  It was a great day, but I still felt like shit.  Go to Kill Cliff’s “Drinks” section for a few ideas.  Since it tastes like a Blood Orange, I would recommend making your own screwdrivers.  Yum!

For the label readers, there is a 2193mg Vitamin & Enzyme blend in each 12oz can, consisting of:

D-Glucuronolactate, Sodium Citrate, Ginger extract (root),
Caffiene, Green Tea Extract (90% EGCG), Inositol, Ginseng
Root Powder (Panax), Milk Thistle, Taurine, Bromelain, Lipase,
Amylase, Protease 4.5, Invertase, Beta-glucanase, Serrazimes

In other words, a lot of anti-inflammatory agents (Ginger, Milk Thistle, Bromelain), de-stressors (Taurine and Ginseng root), Circulatory aids (Green Tea, Inositol, small amounts of Caffiene) and Digestive aids (all the ‘ase’ ingredients and the Serrazimes).  Not a lot of energy-boosters, not a lot of heart-pounders, and not a lot of things that will make your body crash.

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Honestly, I’m hooked.  So much so, I’m going to start selling the product.  The product comes in a 24pk case ($2 per can) and is shipped to you at no cost.  I’d recommend it to athletes, bar-owners looking for something unique to offer, and regular dudes just like me.  It really is an awesome drink.  For more information, go to the Kill Cliff Website (you can order from there as well).  Look for a button on my blog coming soon. You can post your own Kill Ciff Reviews.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Where can I buy Kill Cliff? You can buy here online or at a local GNC or Kroger grocery store.

Question: Where can I get a kill cliff coupon code march 2014? Go here for all Kill Cliff discount codes

Question: Where can I get a kill cliff 8 pack coupon code? Go here for all Kill Cliff discount codes

Question: Where can I find kill cliff drink nutrition facts? Check out the info above.

Question: Whats so good about kill cliff – will it increase my reps in my CrossFit workouts? It helps you recover quicker.

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