Lowa Ranger vs Uplander Boot

Check out the reviews, comparisons and prices for the Lowa Ranger vs Lowa Uplander boots and you make the best decision for your feet.

In this comparison review, we will explore the features and specifications of two popular hiking boots: the Lowa Ranger and the Uplander. Both boots are renowned for their durability, comfort, and performance in outdoor activities. Let’s delve into their key characteristics to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Construction:

The Lowa Ranger and Uplander boots are both crafted with exceptional attention to detail and quality materials. The Lowa Ranger features a traditional design with a full-grain leather upper, providing excellent durability and support. On the other hand, the Uplander boot boasts a more modern aesthetic, incorporating a combination of leather and synthetic materials for a balance of durability and flexibility.

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Waterproofing and Breathability:

When it comes to tackling wet conditions, both boots excel. The Lowa Ranger integrates a Gore-Tex lining, ensuring complete waterproofing while allowing moisture to escape, thereby maintaining breathability. Similarly, the Uplander incorporates a proprietary waterproofing technology, providing reliable protection against rain and puddles while maintaining breathability for enhanced comfort.

Question: What is a good way to protect your toes and feet from getting blisters during hiking?

Put this on your toes and feet and add a good pair of socks and you will be good to go.

We know guys who have used this cream and gone through GORUCK and Spartan Races with no blisters at all.

You can pick up a tube or Trail Toes for about $10 or so and this is cheap insurance to protect your feet. My buddy got blisters on his toes and I let him borrow a little bit. I bailed him out and he bought me beers later so it was a good deal for both of us.

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Comfort and Fit:

Comfort is a crucial factor in any hiking boot. The Lowa Ranger features a cushioned footbed and a supportive midsole, offering excellent shock absorption and stability. It also comes with a roomy toe box, accommodating various foot shapes. The Uplander boot is equipped with a well-padded insole and a lightweight midsole, providing ample cushioning and support during long treks. It offers a snug fit without compromising on comfort.

Traction and Outsole:

Both the Lowa Ranger and Uplander boots are designed to provide reliable traction on various terrains. The Lowa Ranger utilizes a Vibram outsole, known for its excellent grip and durability. It incorporates multidirectional lugs and a self-cleaning design, ensuring optimal traction on slippery surfaces. The Uplander boot features a rugged rubber outsole with deep lugs, delivering exceptional traction and stability in challenging conditions.

Weight and Flexibility:

Weight and flexibility play a significant role in determining the overall performance of hiking boots. The Lowa Ranger, with its full-grain leather construction, is slightly heavier compared to the Uplander boot. However, it compensates for the weight with increased durability and support. The Uplander boot, featuring a blend of leather and synthetic materials, offers a lighter and more flexible option without compromising on essential features.

Durability and Longevity:

Both the Lowa Ranger and Uplander boots are built to withstand rigorous outdoor use. The Lowa Ranger’s full-grain leather upper ensures excellent durability, making it ideal for rugged terrains and extended adventures. The Uplander boot’s combination of leather and synthetic materials offers a balance between durability and flexibility, suitable for moderate hiking and everyday wear.

Lowa Ranger GTX Boot Review

I have been wearing Lowa Ranger III GTX Hiking Boot for over 15 years now and love this new pair of Ranger’s.
Break in was hardly any. They give a lot of support. Not too heavy but still great in the backcountry when you need them to hold up.

Not many negatives but the toe box is a little small (I have wide feet).

So I had to bump up a half size from my normal size and that gave me extra room.

I wear thicker socks anyway so it was no big deal. Plus I think it is good to wear boots a little larger as your feet swell when you hike, especially if it is warm out.

Lowa Uplander GTX Hiking Boot Review

1st pair of Lowa boots. I purchased to replace a pair of “waterproof” Keens who’s waterproof membrane failed.

Firstly, the Lowa Uplander GTX Hiking Boot cost about $150 more than the Keens I had and the quality of the product shows.

All seams are very well stitched, no excessive threads and the boot was amazingly comfortable right out of the box, although they are quite stiff in the ankle area due to the almost full leather upper.

The boot itself is built on a last that is fairly narrow. I need a narrow boot and the Lowas are quite a bit more narrow than the Keens I had so it allows me to get a size that is a bit longer and gives my toes a bit more room.

Even with the forefoot being quite stiff in the upper due again to the full leather, the fit keeps the foot from sliding forward on steep descents.

I took the Lowa boots out for a test hike (just 8 1/2 miles) pretty much straight out of the box. The only thing I did was replace the insoles with a pair of moldable “Sole” brand insoles and then headed out.

For a pair of Gore-tex leather boots they were very comfortable in the 90° with 70% humidity day. Feet were not swampy at all.
The boots gave me only MINOR hot spots, top of right heal and side of right small toe. Both very minor and since they were pretty much straight out of the box, I expected more!

The boots are very stable as far as ankle support. They don’t offer the support a true backpacking boot would but they have more support than a combat style boot and way more than a 6 or 8″ light hiker.

The grip was very good from the sole. The compound seems a bit harder than the Lowa Zephyr Mid TF Hiking Boot but softer than a mountain boot.

All around I feel that these will fit the bill for what was looking for: a waterproof, supportive, durable boot for fall and winter hiking, camping and hunting that will last a few years.

Question from our readers.

Question: “What is the deal on the Lowa uplander GTX review? Is this is a good boot. We are hearing good feedback from this boot so check it out.

Question: What kinds of boots do US Special Forces wear? They wear a wide range of boots depending on the mission. I know Marine Recon guys that love the Lowa Zephyr.

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