Nemo Spike 2 person trekking tent review

When you travel and carry all of your gear you want your system to be light.

But at the same time you want it to be durable and dependable.

The Nemo Spike Tent 2 Person weighs in at 1 lb 10 oz / 730 grams and can easily be carried in a stuff sack on the front of a bike or in your back pack.

It doesn’t have a floor bottom but you can easily remedy that with a piece of Tyvek or in our case – we used palm fronds on our latest expedition.

The shelter is raised up by a single pole which comes apart and is easy to transport.

Two people can set it up in about three minutes of work.

It comes with tent pegs to help you stretch out the tarp to keep it tight.

It has a good zipper system on the front which in this case was easy to find and unzip in the night when I had to take a pee outside of the tent.

I used a S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivvy (Orange) with a Sea to Summit Reactor liner as my sleeping bag with palm fronds underneath.

This is a photo of the inside of the tent with my bivvy bag on the fronds.

There is plenty of room to sit up in the tent and bring in extra gear to keep dry.

I think that in a pinch you could get three people in the shelter to ride out a storm and stay warm.

We used the shelter for 2 nights on a 3 day long 300 mile bike packing event. The temps went down to as low as 29 degrees and had frost on the tent during early morning.

What We Like:
We really like how light the Nemo Spike Tent is and how small it bundles up which makes is great for backpacking or bike packing.

What We don’t like:
The price is a little expensive (about $230) but you are paying for a really high quality piece of equipment so it is comparable to other tents in that range.

Question: Will this tent help break the wind and keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Answer: Yes; we used palm fronds on the floor but next time I will bring an insulated floor mat.

We stuffed palm fronds on the edges of the tent to keep the wind and cold air out as much as possible. You could do the same with pine straw or moss.

If you want to cool down the inside of the tent (if it were warm out) you could raise up the edges to allow for more ventilation.

A similar two person Nemo tent is the Nemo Dagger Osmo

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