ProSok Sock Review

Check out the Prosok sock review and you decide if they are good enough for your next adventure.

I received a pair of the PROSOK Bamboo socks the other day and have worn them multiple times while out rucking/backpacking, running, CrossFit, mountain biking and doing yard work.

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I love the feel of these socks and am putting them on again today to hit it up again. I will be buying another pair and using them on my next GORUCK event.

Video – Prosok socks review by SEALgrinderPT

Right out of the package these socks feel great at the top of ankle height. I put on a pair of trail running shoes and went out for a hike with my dog in the sand hills. I used a little bit of Trail Toes lubricant on the back of my heal to help reduce friction and then pulled the PROSOK Bamboo Socks back up and I was ready to go.

I hiked in and out of streams and up hills to get a feel of how the sock would perform. It stayed up and did not sag down at all. But it is not too tight where it leaves an indentation in your skin when you take it off.

The light bamboo based fabric wicks away water and sweat so you dont have to worry about squishing around in a sock that holds water all day.

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Question: Coach, do you have a product that you recommend to help lubricate your feet during long ruck march hikes or trail running events?

Answer: Yes; I like to use a good sock and if your into keeping your feet in good shape on a hike or long endurance event then you may want to try out Trail Toes: Phenomenal Ultra-Extreme, Anti-Friction Foot and Body Cream.

I have used this product on several trail running races and while training for GORUCK in my hiking boots.  All you need is a dab on the heel and toes and your ready to go.

The thing that I like about Trail Toes is that it doesn’t breakdown and rub off as quickly as other products. It stays in there for a lot longer even if you are in and out of streams or just sweating in dense humidity.

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