Rocky C5C boot reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Rocky C5 Combat boot that came out in 2014.

This is a new boot that is getting great reviews from field operators and guys just wanting to get out in the woods.

Rocky C5C Boot Review
I had a lot of Army buds tell me to get the Rockys. I looked around forever and after seeing how many of the other “tennis shoe” boots fell apart or people paid far less and the boots didn’t hold up, I decided on the C5C. Wow! Sooooo light and I can stay on my feet all day with no issues at all. Seriously LIGHT! Way better than the C4T they need to advertise more for this boot over the C4T.

Office or Field ether or stronger and still just as comfortable. The Rocky 8 Inch C5c Boot are lightweight and don’t cost too much. I will be getting another pair next year (if needed). Really light and really comfortable! It’s a bit sad that the military changed the regs for AR670-1, because the synthetics felt more flexible, but they’re excellent boots.

Also: these boots ARE within Army military regs. The C4Ts are not.
Question: What are a good pair of military grade socks to go with the tactical boots?

We like the Fox River Military Boot Sock. These socks do a great job of protecting your feet and preventing blisters. These socks are ok to pack and take to Ranger school so you know they will be good enough for everyones feet out in the woods.

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