TRX All Body Xpress DVD Review

TRX All Body Xpress
If a lack of time is what is standing between you and your fitness goals, the TRX All Body Xpress workout is the solution for you. Got 25-minutes? We’ve got you covered.
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TRX All Body Xpress DVD Product Details
TRX Director of Education Fraser Quelch gives you a 25-minute real-time workout that hits every part of your body. This DVD includes a warm up routine, expert tips and techniques, and a complete, waterproof fold-out set up and use guide. Plus, you will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. TRX All Body Xpress takes you through cardiovascular and spot training exercises that target all the major muscle groups. Have a little extra time? Double up the routine for maximum endurance and strength building.

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TRX All Body Xpress DVD Review by KAREN STEWART
This is a great workout especially if you are visually oriented and appreciate having the correct form demonstrated and reps counted to move you along for a quick workout. I do find the production somewhat lacking – the music is too loud compared to the voices, the menu choppy and the “poster” that came with it kind of elementary school. I’d like to see a more advanced version with variations according to ability level and smoother production.

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TRX All Body Xpress DVD Review by BARBARA
I love the TRX system and the easy to follow dvd’s! I struggled with pushups due to a shoulder injury years ago. The TRX system has really helped me with my upper body workouts. I am able to go home from work at lunch and get in a great work out in less than 30 minutes. I recommend the TRX system and the All Body Xpress workout! Love it! I am over 50 and am seeing amazing results!

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TRX All Body Xpress DVD Review by HEATHER and ROB MACCOLLUM
I am a Mother of 6 the oldest is 14 years and the youngest is 3 months. I have struggled after every baby to lose the weight and tone those loose tummy muscles. Thanks to the TRX Full body express I am beach ready only three months after my 6th baby !! I have blasted away almost 40 lbs of baby fat in 3 months and feel strong. It is important to me to be able to play and keep up to my family. The kids cheer me on as I workout and then they try it after. The full body express has become The full family express.

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Question: Is it true the founder of the TRX was a Navy SEAL? Yes.

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TRX All Body Xpress DVD Review

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