TRX Force Kit Reviews

Check out the reviews for the TRX Force Kit and see how you can use it in your daily workouts

trx force kit reviewWhat is in the Kit?
This is a 12-Week Progressive Tactical Conditioning Program.
Armed with feedback from service members in the field and the latest best-practices in exercise science, we designed this new program to build more durable and higher performing tactical athletes with an emphasis on operational readiness.

Focuses on mobility, strength, agility and conditioning this is our most sophisticated program ever. Movements are easily progressed or regressed to match any ability level. Periodic built in benchmarking tests allow users to easily track their progress.

Tactical Version: This is the TRX Tactical Version is used by the US military, first responders and MMA fighters to build strength, power, mobility and core stability. We are proud to extend a $30.00 discount to those who serve.

TRX Force Reviews
I love this equipment that I can take anywhere in the field. I bought it while I was in Iraq. It was great we could take it anywhere and get a great work out even if we werent near the gym. We got in many great workouts and it doesn’t take up much space.

My platoon is looking to get a few more of those now that we are stateside. I’ve used TRX at a local boot camp for a couple of years and love it. I recently purchased the Force Kit and have only used it a little bit, as I am in the final week of Insanity, which is also an amazing workout!

Anyway, I did not see specific information regarding the pre-test. Anyone know where I can find it? I want to be able to track my progress and compare before and after, etc. Thank you.

“I ordered a TRX almost a year ago while in Iraq. It always traveled with me on convoys and missions as it was quick and easy to set up and I could get a great wo…

The New TRX Tactical Conditioning Program is laid out in three distinct Phases. Each phase is four weeks including four workouts per week. Each workout begins with a mobility module to increase durability and improve operational readiness. The more mobile you are, the less likely you are to get injured.

  • Phase one focuses on building a solid core making everything that happens in your shoulders, arms, hips and legs become more powerful.
  • Phase two focus on arm and leg strength while maintain core strength.
  • Phase three brings it all together and layers on some high intensity interval training.

TRX Tactical Conditioning Program Includes:

  • Easy to follow Program Guide made from tear proof waterproof paper including four detailed exercise maps clearly illustrating each movement.
  • Two DVDs with: Three real-time workouts, agility drills and benchmarking challenges and a comprehensive video exercise library.

Updated TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer

With no moving parts or pieces that could be subject to failure in harsh climates or after repeated use, the Tactical Suspension Trainer™ is the most versatile and rugged Suspension Trainer available. Plus, it is even lighter than before, now weighing only 1.5lbs. The updated ultra-durable TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer provides fast, effective workouts that develop functional strength by engaging the muscle chains you use every day in your job and in life.

– D-rings: Lighter, stronger and more durable
– Rubber handles: Making the suspension trainer more durable and easy to clean.

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is a good workout i can do with this rig? Run 400 meters
10 pushups
10 dips
10 atomic situps
run 400 meters
do 3 rounds.

another good workout is
10 standing lunges
10 side rotation twist
10 pushups

Question: Is the TRX Tactical used by Special Forces overseas? Yes; check out the videos above.

Question: What kinds of results can I see with the trx force 12 week program? Check out the videos above.

Question: How about reviews for the TRX force vs Rip 60? Both are good for this style of workout. This unit has more bells and whistles and cost a little more but it is high quality gear.

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