TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD Review

TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD Review

TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD workout and exercise guide are easy to follow combinations of stretches and strength training that make your fitness regimen and everyday activities easier, healthier and more pain free.
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TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD Review by JASON
it was a decent video. i do think it would have been more helpful if the guy doing the actual exercises would have known how to do them better. there were moments where it took him a while to get into correct form so it didn’t give me enough time to see the correct form. Justin Price gave decent explanations of everything, it was just annoying not seeing the correct form for every exercise long enough. the booklet however is helpful.
over 2 years ago

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TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD Review by STEVE
As the Director of Health and Fitness for the city of Eugene, OR I deal with individuals who have a wide variety of lower back issues. And, as a person with four buldging discs, a twisted pelvis and a short right leg I’ve had more than my share of back pain over the last 35 yrs. The Biomechanics: Healthy Back is now my number one way to assist myself and others who suffer from back pain. I’ve found each time I’ve gone through these exercises my back feels better. Justin Price does an excellent job of describing and cueing all the necessary body positions that need to be obtained for maximum benefit. His expertise as a Corrective Exercise Specialist is very apparent. This is a must have if you are experiencing back pain, and even if you’re not, these stretches are excellent. The TRX is your one-stop exercise apparatus that can meet your needs whatever they are. Steven J Auferoth, MS, H/FD, cPT, CSCS, PFT Director of Health and Fitness City of Eugene Eugene, OR

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TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD Review by ATHENA MURPHY
Forget any of the negative comments on this page! This DVD is just what the doctor ordered, literally. I have had nothing but two years of constant back injuries, and I am clear it came from NOT lack of exercise, but lack of correct biomechanics. This DVD teaches everything you need to FIX the biomechanics, and the explanations are great if you bother to watch the Exercise Library. Between the Exercise Library and one or two runs through viewing the DVD first, rather than trying to do the workout right away, you will learn everything you need to fix bad back issues. Justin Price is brilliant and his explanations are both advanced in the anatomy and usage, AND practical in his plain-speak and visual examples of how low-back problems begin and what is predictable in the postural implications. He sees EVERYTHING in the biomechanics and is incredibly knowledgeable in the subject. This guy is THE expert! I know of very few trainers who have the level of specialization and expertise that he shows in this video. Another bonus is that Tim, the exerciser, has low-back problems, so he naturally does all the predictable things people with back issues DO. This is a brilliant set up. Tim’s an athlete and clearly quite strong, so his back issues are NOT from lack of exercise. This is such a benefit for those of us in the same boat who have done years of exercise with commitment, but lack of correct biomechanics. We get to see and hear the explanations of exactly how it feels in the body to have the issue and how it SHOULD feel to do it correctly. For some of us, that’s the FIRST time we’ve ever done it right! This part is invaluable. That one issue, learning how it feels to do it correctly, alone is worth the price of the DVD. Everything beyond that is just more benefit!

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TRX Biomechanics Healthy Back DVD Review

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