TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review

TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review

TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD
Improve your posture, increase range of motion and build greater stability from head to toe with this workout. Includes a stretching program perfect for desk jockeys and extreme sportsmen alike.
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TRX Performance Train Like The Pros DVD – Product Details
Todd Durkin, professional fitness coach and consultant to the NFL and the NCAA, will take you through this 60-minute training regimen that professional athletes use to perform their best, game in and game out. It also contains dynamic warm-up and cool-down routines, extensive set up and use guidelines and a 21-page exercise guide featuring 15 movements. Plus, you will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. Build pro-level core strength and endurance, cultivate agility and flexibility, and take your fitness from average to elite.

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TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review by STUART
As a tall (6’6″), tight, middle-aged Tinman, stretching is becoming an essential activity for me. At the urging of my excellent personal trainer I got my TRX about six months ago. The TRX is an outstanding additon to my training equipment but it has been a revelation in increasing my flexibility. I can attain a wide range of positions on my own using the TRX that would otherwise require the assistance of a partner. This DVD offers clear, concise directions that a beginner like me found easy to replicate. I’ve especially appreciated the exercises for my shoulders and hamstrings. This Tinman is getting flexible!

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TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review by JANELL YOUNGBERG
Love how these flexibility exercises really lengthen the muscles and make me feel afterwards! On the glute and hamstring stretches the locking loop on the new TRX P2 version will not allow the strap to pull the opposite leg up. I just shortened the TRX and then overshortened it to raise that leg up. I think it was a little more challenging compared to what was on the DVD and in the booklet. If there is an easier way, let me know. Otherwise loved it!

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TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review by LOU
I instantly fell in love with the TRX concept when I was introduced to it by a PT during some knee surgery rehab. I bought one, began working out and realized I didn’t need a fully equipped Olympic Lifting gym in order to get a great full body, functional workout regardless of wherever I was. Needless to say I was a huge fan but having discovered this stretching routine I was blown away how functional this simple piece of gear is. I have tried to stretch regularly in the past and have even tried yoga but was never able to get as complete and enjoyable a stretch as with the TRX. I feel like a new person! There is no reason that anyone can’t get a great stretch with this unit and thanks to Fraser et al for putting this flexibility routine together!

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TRX Essentials Flexibility DVD Review