TRX Military Fitness Workout Review

TRXThis 30-minute real-time workout is ripped from the pages of the TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program, and is designed to build the strength, durability, endurance and agility needed for military readiness.$9.95 each Instant Online Delivery (Download) Here

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TRX Military Fitness Workout Product Details
Developed with feedback from military users in the field and the latest best practices in exercise science, this 30-minute workout is an intense total body blast that will help you develop the mobility, endurance and strength you need to be mission ready. Boasting an easy to use Visual Guide (PDF) and expert insights into cueing and the TRX Training philosophy, this workout features beginner, intermediate, and advanced progressions of each exercise. Military fitness guide for TRX suspension training has pdf included.

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TRX Military Fitness Workout Review by ROBERT
Great workout, I did the retiree version, only 1 round vs two. There probably should have been some discussion about program progression that included doing only 1 round of the exercises. I only see operators or fitness enthusiasts getting through 2 rounds in good form, not the average Army Soldier, Sailor, Airmen or Marine.

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TRX Chest & Legs Workout Review by CRAIG
i liked the workout, except some of the exercises were cumbersome to do with the door anchor. i tried my best to adapt one of the exercises so that i could use the door anchor but… i imagine that it is a 5 star workout if you have an overhead anchor. however, i am a renter and can’t put in an anchor in my ceiling so i might have to skip an exercise or two in the future, which is a real bummer for a short workout like this. like i said, almost good.

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TRX Military Fitness Workout Review

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