TRX Military Workouts

Check out the TRX Military Workouts and put them to use in your home gym.

Video – TRX® FORCE™ For The Military

TRX Military Workouts #1 with TRX Force
Only 2 minutes for the 20 reps
Suspended Incline Press
40 reps Elevated Back Row
Other Exercises are in 3 sets
3 deltoid exercises are a superset of 10 reps each.
High BAck extension is 3 sets of 15 reps

Video – TRX® FORCE™ For Individual Use

TRX Military Workouts #2 with TRX Force
All sets are bumped to 3, rest time between sets is zero on
alt exercises like the Suspended Power Lunge and Single Leg Power Squat, and 15 seconds on arms.

Video – SGT Ken’s TRX Quick Circuit- TRX Military Workouts

Reps on all exercises are increased.
Hamstrings is 3 supersets now, with 45. seconds in between.
Core exercises are 3 sets as well.

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