GORUCK Sandbag Review

goruck sand bagGORUCK sand bag review
Wow! I received the 60# sandbag last Friday. It comes with x2 30# filler bags and I also ordered x2 20# fillers and a 10# filler for versatility.

I’ve used Rogue bags and Again Faster and I must say this thing hands down destroys them with ease. If you’ve ever used a GORUCK sand bag product it’s very well made and field tested in Challenges. The difference in the sandbags is the filler bags. Double velcro closure on the filler bag and NO interior poly bag. Also there are more handle options and beefier as well.

The interior poly bags that go into the filler sleeves are the weak point of most sandbag systems as they will burst in time. My gym just replaced about 25 of the poly bags on the AF ones. Now AF as always stood behind their product and replaced the poly sleeves right away without question however in time they will break again. The GORUCK ones are just impressive.

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goruck sandbags_2GORUCK, they are made with same 1000D Cordura and in AMERICA, but somehow have managed to make a real sandbag. GORUCK’s material is far superior then whatever is being used for rouge sandbags. Also, a 5 pack of bags 20lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs, 80lbs and 120lbs all with 2 filler bags cost $419.00. GORUCK sandbags have 12 handles that are not like string. They even work with you for quantity purchases. Amazing difference. If you are a facility owner or you plan on using your bags with clients and beating them up GORUCK!!! Check them out REAL DEAL.
Video – GoRuck sand bag testing

Question: Was the founder of GORUCK really in the Army Special Forces? Yes.

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