Interview With Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Amir Pishdad


Check out this months SGPT exclusive interview with Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Amir Pishdad.

SGPT: Tell us about yourself?

AP: I was 17 already scuba diving and knew I wanted to be s frogman when I joined the navy

SGPT: What influenced you to want to join the SEAL Teams?

AP: There was a TV show starring Lloyd Bridges called sea hunt that inspired me to want to be a frog man, and a movie called the frogmen starring Richard Winmark.

SGPT: What BUDS class did you go through? What was the hardest part for you?

AP: I was in Class 80. We started Hell week with 19 men, we finished whole week with the same 19 man and we graduated training with the same 19 men +6 Rolledins

I was the youngest in my class. Every day was hard, but none were as easier as the day before… Hence..


The truth is as a┬áprogressive training , were truly each day gets harder,a man must have a clear focus on his goal (to be a frogman), and a belief in yourself, “that you can do it”.

I wasn’t an athlete, I wasn’t built like a tank, in fact I was 145 lbs, skinny and full of “Vision”.

To me each day was exciting, challenging and quite honestly fun! 2

SGPT: Were you an athlete growing up? How did you train before going to BUDS?

AP: My only real training was scuba diving nearly every weekend in my senior year in high school.

SGPT: If you were to give a young tadpole advice on going to BUDS – what would it be?

AP: My best advice is to ask yourself “WHY” do you want to be a SEAL?
Truly, in my opinion and experience, there is only “one” correct answer ….
I want to be “THAT MAN”

Look, it’s not impossible to complete the training, but you can’t fail “ANYTHING” !!!

Good news is that YOU will be instructed in EVERY EVOLUTION to Complete and YOU will be demonstrated EVERY EVOLUTION to Complete!


The physical part (every day) is not easy, your going to have to put out!

Most importantly, if you can keep up physically, pass all academics and excel in everything your taught, THEN DONT QUIT!

Look, only YOU are going to live YOUR DREAM!

Did I mention Focus on YOUR GOAL, Believe in YOURSELF and


I hope this short insight will motivate YOU to CHALLENGE YOURSELF! You will be amazed how much you can accomplish if YOU want to be………
(Fill in the blank)
HooYAH Gents!

SGPT: What SEAL Team(s) did you serve on? What was the funniest thing that ever happened to your guys?

AP: While I served in UDT 11, UDT 21, ST-2 and ST-5 (as a plank owner – Original crew), Staff Commands and the Reserves.

SGPT: What are you up to these days? Tell us about your latest projects?

AP: I’m slowly working on writing my own book, that my goal is to help motivate anyone to accomplish any dream. Things about my class, funny, mentally hard or challenging and other great stuff will be in my book.

SGPT: What book are you reading now?

AP: I am reading The Unlikeliest Hero; The Story of Desmond T. Doss, Conscientious Objector Who Won His Nation’s Highest Military Honor. It’s a great story of “Faith”. And everyone needs Faith to accomplish “their own” goals! Especially “faith in one self”.

I personally knew Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss! A simple man who had a world of faith! Enough to inspire all who knew him, all who worked with him, and all who have read his story!

SGPT: Thanks so much for the interview Amir, we really appreciate it.

Question: Where can I find out more info on joining the Navy and SEAL/SWCC?

Answer: Check out the website here:

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