SEALgrinderPT Podcast #1 With Garret Machine

SEALgrinderPT interview with Garret Machine, Israeli Defense Force, Duvedevan Garret Machine left his comfortable home in America to travel overseas and wound up becoming a member of the Israeli Defense Force.

Though he grew up in Miami, Florida, Garret also has an Israeli citizenship. Upon graduating from college, he chose to visit Israel for a time. Israel has a mandatory military draft, and, within a few months Garret was drafted into the Israeli infantry.

“I didn’t even speak Hebrew,” he said. “The only words I knew were “hello”, “goodbye” and “bathroom”. So my life living in Israel initially in the military was monkey see monkey do, but faster. That’s how I learned the language. I never had any formal training in it. No classes, nothing. Full immersion.”

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Garret worked his way up the military ladder and eventually spent time in the noted Duvdevan Unit, which is a counter terror (CT) unit similar to the US Army Rangers, specializing in urban warfare, hostage rescue, targeted assassinations and kidnapping of wanted militants throughout the West Bank, Gaza Strip and border nations (Syria, etc).

As those armed conflicts all involve Israel, Garret saw non-stop action.

“You get a lot of experience in a very intense short period of time because you’re living it,” he said. “It’s a lifestyle. You take your military service rifle to respond even on your day off.”

Later, he became a member of the Israeli National Police force.

Listen to the full podcast where he talks about exactly how he became a member of such elite units, about what workouts he likes to do to stay in shape, what he did after he left Israel—and how he became a highly-sought after Cadre for GORUCK.

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Tell us what you think in the comments below about Garret Machine’s incredible career. And If you’ve had the chance to be trained by him from a GORUCK event—tell us what that was like.

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