SEALgrinderPT Interviews Professional Mountain Biker Kyle Trudeau

Kyle Trudeau is a 25-year-old and has been cycling professionally for the last 4 years, frequently in cross-country marathons (a fairly new division of racing).

In this interview, Kyle talks with SEALgrinderPT coach Danielle Faith about training, nutrition, how he recovers, and the goals he would like to achieve.

How did you get into mountain bike racing?

I’ve been around bikes my entire life. Started with BMX at 5 years old. Racing Motocross at 10 until I was 21. I’ve now been racing mountain bikes for the past 4 years.

I heard you had surgery earlier this year. What was it for?

Last winter I had some issues with my left leg. I would get fatigued while riding. I couldn’t produce any power. Figuring out what the issue was took time.

After awhile, I was diagnosed with iliac artery endofibrosis. No blood was circulating in my left leg because of tissue that had built up inside the artery basically causing it to kink up.

How was this fixed? What did rehab/recovery look like for you after the surgery?

The doctors fixed the artery by slicking it open and scraping out the tissue. They doctors had to go through my abdomen to get to the artery.

Recovery took awhile. First week was extremely painful. Barely moving. There was an immense amount of pain. No lifting heavy weight and I could only walk around.

Too much stress on the artery would pop the stitches. No physicality (at all) for the first 3 weeks. Finally, I was able to go to the gym 3 weeks post-op. Super easy foundational movements to rebuild strength. 6 weeks post op approved for light hikes.

Mentally, I had to have patience. Not push too hard. The hardest thing was to hold back.

How did you use nutrition to recover and stay healthy?

I am plant-based. When I was trying to figure out my injury in the beginning, I went vegan.

It reduced the inflammation. I then went to a full-time plant-based diet and it sped up the healing process. Post-op, I started incorporating chicken on occasion.

What does your nutrition look like now?

Staples are oatmeal, peanut butter, granola, fruit.

Recovery meals are a pea-based protein. Lunches are usually beans, rice and veggies. I keep it simple. Dinner is a big salad with mixed greens, veggies and lots of roasted broccoli (I eat a ton or roasted broccoli). Proteins are beans, nuts, broccoli, edamame.

My fats are nuts and avocado. I experimented with low carb, high fat, high protein for a year. I didn’t see or feel any significant results and went back to what felt right.

Being plant-based, do you find a need for supplementation?

I really don’t use a ton of supplements. I do use a form of BCAA before and after my training. I use beta red, a powdered beet juice for the beta alanine. I do take a fish oil and a multi vitamin.

How does your race season and off-season training differ?

Really the only thing that changes is the load, but I’m very consistent.

Through all of the rehab, injuries and consistent training, how do you stay strong, healthy and ready to ride?

I have a consistent and am dedicated to my sleep schedule, 8-9 hrs a night. I stretch 2x a day and foam roll. I practice yoga on my recovery days.

I have 1 complete day off the bike and 1 active recovery day. I split my training days up into hard efforts and longer endurance rides. In season I work with a coach.

What do your future goals look like?

I will be competing in the marathon bike national championship in May 2019. End of season, marathon bike world championship in Switzerland. It’s a selection process by the USAC governing body.

What’s your 5-10 year vision?

It’s been a great ride so far! I will continue to push my personal limits and compete at the top end of the sport. I want more international racing.

I’ve learned so much has changed in this sport we love through this conversation!

Where would you like to see the sport go moving forward?

I would like to see more “event” type races. Move away from the “single day with an hour race and be done”. I would like to see more multi day events that include the race, fun, hanging out, connection, music. More of a community-based race seen.

Do you have any sponsors?

Yes. SockGuy, CZ Racing, Scott Bicycles, Tenac Coaching Systems, Rotor Components, Bicycle Haus and Bespoke Real Estate.




Danielle Faith is an online nutrition and fitness coach. Her passion lies in helping her clients develop new, healthy, easily-kept habits that create greater mental and physical well-being. Danielle’s clientele includes professional athletes, CEOs who travel frequently and stay-at-home parents. She also works with active duty and veteran military personnel who have adrenal fatigue and PTSD.

Learn more about her programs and coaching at her website, Danielle Faith: Mind/ Body Mentor.


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