SGPT Interview With MMA Fighter Devorius Tubbs

By Brandon Richey

It was fun to be able to talk to Devorius, boxer and Muai Thai and MMA fighter in today’s interview. You need to make sure to give this guy a follow and show the support!

1) So tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m Devorius Tubbs. I started boxing in 6th grade and I started Muay Thai in 2004. I also compete at MMA too. I work at American Top Team Atlanta and I work at American Top Team Gwinnett which is where I teach Muay Thai classes. I have been teaching Muay Thai for years and I love it.

2) What do you currently do for strength and conditioning? Do you have any preferred routines, or a personal preference?

I have a strength and conditioning coach. We try to do different routines to shock the body each time so it doesn’t get too easy. I run a 5k four times a week. We make sure the cardio is good and that my muscle endurance is good for my whole body conditioning.

3) What inspired you to get into fighting?

I started fighting because I was a rough kid. I was just good at fighting. Because of this my mom signed me up for boxing. After trying Muay Thai I ended up falling in love with it.

4) So here at SGPT we always talk about mindset and how to maintain focus to overcome difficult times. What do you do to keep your mental focus on point?

Having a good mindset and being focused is most of the battle. Most of it is mental. So it has a lot to do with how you prepare in camp. If you push yourself hard and don’t cut corners in camp then you will feel confident in your prepararation and that will help your mindset for a fight. You have to be focused because it only takes one mistake in a fight to lose.

5) What sort of recovery strategies do you use to bounce back from a tough day’s training, or from a tough fight?

I like cryotherapy and ice baths to recover. I like to take BCAA’s and protein shakes to speed the recovery of my body. However taking days off is also really important.

6) Do you have one or more favorite quotes that you like to pull from?

“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” — Muhammad Ali

7) Do you have a particular food plan, or nutrition plan that you use to optimize your fight performance?

I like to eat baked, or grilled chicken and fish. I also eat brown rice, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Drinking a lot of water is also very important for my intake.

8) What would you say are your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses?

My biggest strength is my defense. I haven’t taken much punishment because I don’t get hit much. My biggest weakness is that I’m not getting the experience I would like to get because I have a hard time finding fights.

9) Are you preparing for a fight now and if so can you share some details of the upcoming event?

I do not have a fight coming up at this moment. I’m Just getting my students prepared for their upcoming fights. However if you follow me on Instagram at dtubbs13 or Devorius Tubbs on Facebook. There should be something coming up soon.

10) Do you have sponsors, or a favorite gear list that you use?

Triad Mechanical sponsors help me out the most for my fight. I like wearing Twins for my gear.





Special thanks to Bryan Keith and his fight promotion Victory Fight Series.



SEALgrinderPT coach Brandon Richey is a certified strength and conditioning coach, author, and founder of Brandon Richey Fitness.

He has worked with thousands of athletes over his 17 years of experience, developing fitness training programs for beginners to professional and D-1 level collegiate athletes at the University of Georgia.

He also trains MMA and Muay Thai athletes, both professional and amateur.



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