SGPT Interviews Muay Thai Fighter Austin Amell

By Brandon Richey

Austin is a 22-year-old amateur Muay Thai fighter, fighting out of Jacksonville Muay Thai in Jacksonville Florida. He’s been training for three years and fighting for just over two.

Currently, in 2018 he’s picked up 7 of 9 fights and doesn’t plan on slowing down.

So tell us about yourself and your background.

Once I got my eyes on pure Muay Thai I knew my baseball playing days were numbered though. I was a pitcher and my favorite aspect was that it felt like it was just me against the batter in many ways.

Then I saw John Wayne Parr on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he opened my eyes to pure Muay Thai, and I was hooked. I had found one of the most pure forms of 1 on 1 competition and my heart was set on competing in Muay Thai.

When preparing for an upcoming fight how many days of strength and conditioning do you include in addition to your fight training?

I do not incorporate any strength work at the moment. It’s mainly technique and cardio, but I do recognize that strength and conditioning is one of the next steps in bringing my game to the next level.

What inspired you to get into fighting?

I’ve been a fight fan my whole life, and I grew up playing baseball from the ages of 5-19, which is where I learned to to use my legs and hip to generate power. Baseball instilled a love for competition and fighting the the most pure form of that.

What do you do to keep your mental focus on point?

The thing that keeps me focused is fear. I know that if I’m not prepared for each fight there is a solid chance I take a beating.

What sort of recovery strategies do you use to bounce back from a tough day’s training, or from a tough fight?

When my body is broken down from training I will usually take Epsom salt or ice baths. I always try to make sure to get proper sleep and nutrition as well.

Do you have one or more favorite quotes that you like to pull from?

“It is not death that a man should fear, but should fear never beginning to live.” — Marcus Aurelius

I love this quote because it reminds me why I chose to pursue fighting so seriously, and pushes me to make something of myself.

What do you do reset your batteries?

With my current training and fighting schedule, it’s been a while since I got a break.

Whenever I do find a short break I’d like to do a little traveling, like go see some friends in New York or family out in California. Outside of training, I also help run my families food truck and work as a fitness instructor, so I don’t have much free time really.

When I do get that free time I take advantage of it by relaxing at the house, watching movies and hanging out with my dog Loca.

What would you say are your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses?

Being a southpaw is definitely my biggest advantage, and because of that I’ve developed my rear side attacks to be my strengths. I throw my left kick more than just about every other technique combined, and as long as I move my feet right my left power side has the best angles to land.

My biggest weakness is for sure my boxing. Rounding out my skills with better hands would be huge for my game. It would give offensive options no matter that range the fight takes place.

Are you preparing for a fight now? If so, can you share some details of the upcoming event?

I’m currently preparing for a fight on Friday Night Fights in New York City on 11/9

Do you have sponsors, or a favorite gear list that you use?

I do not have any sponsors. As far as gear goes, Fairtex makes my favorite gloves and shin pads, and my favorite shorts are Muay Thai Addict and Yokkao.






SEALgrinderPT coach Brandon Richey is a certified strength and conditioning coach, author, and founder of Brandon Richey Fitness.

He has worked with thousands of athletes over his 17 years of experience, developing fitness training programs for beginners to professional and D-1 level collegiate athletes at the University of Georgia.

He also trains MMA and Muay Thai athletes, both professional and amateur.


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ANSWER: Yes; here are some of SGPT’s favorite fight workouts we like to do.

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ANSWER: Check out this article: 10 Tips to Break Through Mental Barriers.



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