SGPT Interviews Navy SEAL Lance Cummings

SGPT: Tell us about yourself?

Lance Cummings: I’m a simple guy. Dad to two great twins, Chiropractor, Coach, Athlete, Hunter, Husband to wonderful wife. One brother in Ga.

SGPT: What influenced you to want to join the SEAL Teams?

LC: The call to action, working with like minded individuals, military discipline and great toys!

SGPT: What BUDS class did you go through? What was the hardest part for you?

LC: Class 124, start to finish. I had some tendinitis in first phase that gave me a scare, but no other medical issues thank goodness.

I wasn’t the best runner, but got better with time. Every day was hard, but you could feel yourself getting better as you progressed.

SGPT: Were you an athlete growing up? How did you train before going to BUDS?

LC: No particularly, I rode horses a lot, swam, water skiied and played football in HS. It was when I decided to go SEALS that I kicked it into higher gear

SGPT: If you were to give a young tadpole advice on going to BUDS – what would it be?

LC: Know why you want to go and surround yourself with positive influence. Be hungry, but humble.

SGPT: What SEAL Team(s) did you serve on? What was the funniest thing that ever happened to your guys?

LC: Plank owner at Navy SEAL Team 3, Instruct at BUDS, St4, Reserve ST4, Rota Spain, Unit 4 in Puerto Rico, Group 1, ST 5, Warcom, ST 7, ST 17.

Too much funny shit to tell! Way too many characters in the Teams to not have fun, but some of it you have to live down, if you even remember it. We rented a hot air balloon to skydive from, then bungee jump from with home made bungee cord, then held a team mate down on the ground while the bloody took off, when the cord was stretched tight, we let him go. Then we took turns doing that.

SGPT: Tell us more about your Sparta event coming up in Greece.

LC: 250 miles, 27k elevation change, 8 days of trekking the 300 route to finish at the Gates of Thermopylae, where history was made. Sounds fun, right? Plus raising money for Navy SEAL Foundation. Check out that info for the Sparta trek here.

SGPT: You also have an Academy coming up in early summer? Tell us more about that training course.

LC: JUNE 17-24 @ Olympic Training Center San Diego. Run/swim clinics, shooting, strength training, nutrition, mental toughness, boat work and more in a world class facility. Check out more info on that training course here.

SGPT: What book are you reading now?

LC: Just finished Gates of Fire by Pressfield and started First Fast Fearless by Ed Hiner on leadership. Great books!

SGPT: Thanks so much for the interview Lance, we really appreciate it.

LC: Thanks Brad. Keep up the great work with the mtn biking, hope to join you on a long one real soon.

Questions from our readers:

Question: I have wanted to become a Navy SEAL but not sure how to start.

Do you have a workout program that I can follow and help me out? Billy.

Answer: Yes; Billy, good question. Check out the Freak Frogman workout ebook that I wrote for my son who is just starting to do pushups and pull ups now.

I wrote this book for him in the hopes that one day he would go on to become a SEAL.

You will hear about all of the mistakes that I made the first time in training and what I learned and how I passed BUDS the second time around.

This book is guaranteed to get you results (as long as you do the hard work daily and write down your workouts in your training log).

Also check out the main website for the Navy here:

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