Daniel Defense AR-15 Barrel Review

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The Daniel Defense AR-15 Barrel is a M4-profile 16″ barrel is cold hammer forged (aka CHF) from high-grade chromium-molydenum-vanadium alloy steel for exceptional strength and accuracy potential—like a high-end, match rifle barrel.

The CHF barrel Cold Hammer Forging of Daniel Defense barrels has been known for decades to produce the most accurate, longest lasting rifle barrels obtainable. The Cold Hammer Forging of barrels is accomplished through intense hydraulic pressure applied at opposing angles by carbide steel hammers.

During the hammering process, a mandrel is inserted into the bore while the carbide steel hammers shape the barrel around the mandrel creating the chamber, the lands, and the grooves. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the Cold Hammer Forging process creates a defect free bore and the most consistent chamber possible.

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Magnetic particle inspected (MPI) to ensure there are no internal flaws in the metal before application of the durable, heavy-duty manganese phosphate finish for superb resistance to corrosion and surface abrasion.

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Daniel Defense AR-15 Barrel Review

I put this barrel on a Larue upper with a free float handguard. It shoots 1moa. Would probably shoot tighter groups if I was a better shot.

These barrels come with the barrel extension and front sight tower installed, and are fully chambered for the military 5.56mm NATO cartridge, with a 1-7″ right-hand twist. Bore is chrome-lined for extra protection from corrosion.

Barrel extension has M4 feed ramp cuts, and sight tower includes bayonet lug and sling swivel attachment point (swivel not included). Gas port is drilled and muzzle is pre-threaded to accept a ½”-28 tpi flash suppressor. Standard model replicates the USGI M4 barrel, complete with cut for M203 grenade launcher.

Lightweight model offers a slimmer profile for a fast-handling, “pencil” barreled tactical or personal defense carbine. Mid-Length model offers the USGI M4 profile on a barrel that will fit a rifle with a commercial mid-length gas system; straight barrel, no grenade launcher cut. 10.3” Government Carbine model has a slim profile under the handguards with a larger .750 diameter at the gas block.

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This barrel does not include a front sight base. 14.5” M4 Carbine model replicates the USGI M4 barrel in both profile and length. This barrel does not include a front sight base. 14.5” Lightweight Carbine model has a slim profile for the entire length of the barrel.

This barrel does not include a front sight base. 16” M4 Carbine is the same barrel as the 16” M4 Carbine with FSB, but without the front sight base. 16” Lightweight Carbine is the same as the 16” Lightweight Carbine with FSB, but without the front sight base. 16” Government Mid-Length is the same barrel as 16” Government Mid-Length with FSB, but without the FSB. 16” Lightweight Mid-Length model has a slim profile for the entire length of the barrel, with a mid-length gas system.

Comments: I bought the one with the FSB, took a dremel tool to the sight and polished it down to fit under my Lite Rail. Shoots like a dream. Headspaced perfect with the BCM bolt/carrier I ordered (the DD one wasn’t in stock ANYWHERE). D-Defense is definitely quality stuff.

Question from our readers.

Question: What is the life of the Daniel Defense barrel?

Answer: Probably 20k rounds or so depending on the quality of ammo you shoot.

Question: How can I protect my gun rights in America?

Answer: Check out the NRA main website here:


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