How to Build an AR-15

ar15 hot girl brunette coupons thWe get questions every week from our group asking questions about survival and how to build weapons.

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We like weapons and believe strongly that everyone should know how to break down, maintain, and shoot safely.

As part of an upcoming series we are going to give out some information on building and maintaining your weapons.

We want to keep you ready for anything at anytime in a survival situation. You never know when you will need your weapon to defend your home or just to keep the peace in rough times.

Question: What is a good set of sights that I can use for my rifle that will not break the bank?

Check out the Magpul Industries MBUS Generation II Sight Set. You can pick up both sights for under $100.

You may be able to pick up a pair at a local gun show.

Rifle Ammo in Stock

how to build an AR-15One of the cool things about building an AR-15 is that you can do this in your spare time with a little extra money.

We have friends that fix them up in their garages after work and on the weekends.

The AR-15 is one of the most adaptable rifle platforms in history, and building one is easier than you think. If you look around online there are several videos with instructions on assembling an AR-15.

They cover the all the parts, variations, subassemblies, tools and complete building of the rifle so you can feel confident to tackle a project like this on your own.

Question: What is a good spray lubricant to use to protect my weapon?

We like FrogLube lubricant to help keep our weapons running well and keep away the rust.

Froglube was developed by a Navy SEAL and their products are top notch.

When thinking about building an AR-15 – the first thing is to decide what your rifle will be used for.

Plinking at targets at the range?
Competition shooting?
Hunting varmints on the back 40?

Now that you have decided you will know more of what upper receiver and barrel you will use.

Question: What about a good red dot scope?

Can you recommend one that will not break the bank but I can use to plink at the range?

Check out the Bushnell Trophy Red Dot TRS-25 Riflescope as you can pick one up for about $100. They are pretty darn durable and will not break the bank.  You need to save some money for ammo.

Check list for parts to order, instructions and list of tools that you will need to Build an AR-15.
AR-15 Upper Receiver
Complete Upper Receiver with Barrel, or
Complete Upper Receiver without Barrel (Order barrel separately), or
Stripped Upper Receiver
(Order barrel separately).
Complete Upper Receiver Parts Kit
Ejection Port Cover Kit
Forward Assist Kit
Charging Handle Kit
Ejection Port Cover
Ejection Port Cover Spring
Ejection Port Cover Pin
Ejection Hinge Pin Snap Ring
Forward Assist Button
Pawl Pin
Forward Assist Pawl Detent
Forward Assist Pawl Detent Spring
Forward Assist Pawl
Forward Assist Spring
Forward Assist Retainer Pin
Charging Handle
Charging Handle Latch
Charging Handle Spring
Charging Handle Spring Pin

Sight Components
Complete A1 Sight Kit
Sight Windage Drum Base Spring Pin
Sight Detent
Sight Detent Spring Rear Flat Sight Spring Sight Aperture
Sight Windage Screw
A1 Front Sight Post w/5 detents and round post
Complete A2 Sight Kit
Windage Knob 1
Windage Pin 1
Sight Base 1
Windage Screw 1
Rear Sight Spring 1
Rear Sight 1
Base Spring Pin 1
Elevation Knob 1
Elevation Wheel 1
Elevation Spring 1
Index Screw
Index Springs Sight Balls
A2 Front Sight Post w/4 detents and square post
Spare Batteries
Flattop Riser Mount
Carry Handle with Rear Sight Lens Covers
Detachable Rear Sight
Front Sight

Barrel Components
Barrel with Mil-Spec front sight housing installed
Barrel without Mil-Spec front sight housing installed
ee Float Handguard 1 GasTube of proper length 1
Gas Block if not supplied with barrel 1
GasTube Roll Pin 1
Front Sight optional 1
Sling Swivel optional 1
Flash Hider or Compensator if not supplied with barrel
Lock Washer, Peel Washer, Locknut, or Crush Washer if required
Delta Ring Assembly, Complete
Slip Ring Spring Assembly 1
Handguard Slip Ring 1 Handguard Retainer Ring
Handguard Cap if not supplied with barrel
1 2-Piece Handguard 1 GasTube of proper length 1 GasTube Pin
Gas Block or Front Sight Housing
Taper Pins if installing a Front Sight Housing (Order 2)
Forward Sling Swivel Forward Sling Swivel Pin
Flash Hider or Compensator
Lock Washer, Peel Washer, Locknut,

Questions from our readers online.

Question: How can I find out more information about the NRA? Check out the website here:

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