Meet Diamond Ott, Who Many are Calling, “The Fittest Soldier in the World”

1st Sgt Diamond Ott, 41, with the US Army 1st Cavalry Division based at Fort Hood is known to be the strongest soldier. He is also a certified Extreme Fitness Trainer and dedicates his time to helping the Army build stronger and better soldiers.

Ott has spent over 20 years in the US Army, and is very focused on both his training and keeping the troops—and civilians—motivated to hit their own fitness goals.

We salute Diamond for serving this great country and for helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Check out the video below where he pretty much puts any athlete to shame with how he trains. This is why Ott is called “the fittest soldier in the world”.

Diamond also pays close attention to his diet as he stays very lean throughout most of the year.

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A typical workout routine for this super soldier includes a wide variety of bodyweight exercises and mixed weights displaying superior body control. Some of the exercises we have never seen before so its hard to describe them.


Bench pushups to clap
Bar muscle ups
Tire strikes with mace
Laying barbell helicopters
Full ab rolls with resistance band
Ab scorpions
Heavy Dumbell flyes


All exercises with weighted vest
Ab rollout with barbell overhead
Ab curls with resistance band
Side jump over bench
Man-makers with kettlebell lunge
Forward bear crawl to pushups
Sideways bear crawl to pushups
Backwards bear crawl to pushups
Sideways bear crawl to pushups
Flag abs on pull up bar
Shuttle run with weighted vest
Jump over 5 ft jump boxes
Each lap add 24 inch box
4 laps total
Throw medicine ball forward and side throw

Post workout
Foam roll any areas as needed

He was named after Neil Diamond (his mom is a fan). He was born in American Samoa and grew up playing soccer. Born 27 June 1981

He joined the Army and deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 and is became a first Sargeant.

Deadlift 520 lbs Bench 420 lbs. His 2 mile run in under 15 minutes.

Questions from SGPT Athletes:

QUESTION: Is Diamond Ott really in the Army?

ANSWER: Yes; Diamond has served in the US Army since 2012.

QUESTION: Coach, can you give me some tips on how to be more mentally tough so I can train like the soldier in the video up above?

ANSWER: Check out this article: How To Master Mental Toughness?

QUESTION: Hey Coach McLeod, do you know how I can learn to get more out of my daily fitness routine?

ANSWER: Yes; read this article: 5 Tips from US Navy SEAL Jocko Willink on How to Crush the Day the Way You Want.

QUESTION: How can I join the US Army Special Forces?

ANSWER: Check out the main website here:


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