Delta Force Workout

These guys are the best of the US Army – culled from the top Rangers and Green Berets to form the Delta Force. This elite “Tier 1” unit is also known as CAG or simply “the Unit”.

These warriors have to be in the best shape both physically and mentally in order to complete the tough missions they are assigned.

Need a hostage rescued deep within enemy terrain? Have a international terrorist that needs to go bye-bye? Give these guys a call.

Delta is often used in hostage rescue situations and covert operations so you may not hear about them much. They’re secretive in their approach toward their missions and their presence.

But know that they are there – and along with SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) – are the forward assault group for counter-terrorism. These soldiers are at the forefront of special operations forces that keep this country safe.

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1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) is one of the United States’ secretive tier-one counter-terrorism and Special Mission Units. Known on the streets as Delta Force, it was formerly listed as the Combat Applications Group by the Department of Defense but has since been officially re-designated the Army Compartmented Elements (ACE).[2]

While 1st SFOD-D is administratively supported by USASOC, it falls under the operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. Delta Force and its Navy counterpart, the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU or SEAL Team Six), are the United States military’s primary counter-terrorism units. Source Wikipedia.


Training is hard and multi-faceted and these guys are always on the go. They often don’t have time to stop in the local Globo-Gym and have access to state of the art machinery. This means that their workouts happen on the go and during training missions.

They may end up doing a bodyweight workout in the hull of a cargo ship or on the tarmac of a overseas airfield. These operators have to improvise on workouts and get creative.

Simple bodyweight workouts with a lot of endurance can help keep you in shape while on the go.  The daily training of rucking, room clearance, rappeling off buildings are all within an operatives long day.  This alone is a workout and requires proper rest and recovery.


For Time
Run 800m
50 mountain climbers (4 Count)
100 pull-ups
200 burpees
300 air squats
Run 800m
(if unable to run long distance due to enemy terrain, then do jumping jacks and 20-meter suicide runs (break up into 4 parts with 5 meters each).

One of the big key features of a Delta Force workout is that you don’t have fancy gear or equipment. Many times overseas outside of the U.S., these operators know what it takes to adapt, improvise and overcome.

This means using whatever is available to them to get a good workout that lives up to the expectations that these guys are supposed to carry out.

Question: What is a good book to learn more about Delta Force?

We like the book – Delta Force: A Memoir by the Founder of the U.S. Military’s Most Secretive Special-Operations Unit

It is written by the guy who started Delta Force and gives a really good look at what goes on inside and behind the scenes at “The Unit.”

Check it out as it gets many good reviews on Amazon and is wildly popular among customers.


for time
5 rounds for time
50 meters overhead walking lunges with a sandbag (or rucksack filled with gear)
15 burpees
15 rock or sandbag carry 50 meters
15 star jumps
Post time in comments


100 pull-ups
100 pushups
100 sit-ups
100 air squats
100 jumping jacks
for time
use a weight vest or tactical vest if you got one


1 mile timed run
rest 2 min
max pullups in one bar session
rest 2 min
max pushups in 2 min
rest 2 min
Max situps in 2 min
rest 2 min
Max air squats in 2 min.
Post time in comments


Obstacle course
With 20 lb vest – optional
Run 100 meters
Jump over 24-inch box
10 burpees
Bear crawl 20 meters
Run 25 meter sprint
Turn 180 degrees and sprint back 25 meters
High jump over 3 ft tall box and roll
Pick up 50 lb ruck – carry 200 meters
10 pull-ups
Run 350 meters back to start
Note time


If you have access to an obstacle course or playground.  Run one mile to warmup for the obstacle course. If you don’t have a course, then run to the local playground and crawl under and jump over each play stationary park.

If you can run through another time then go for it. Add a weight vest if you have one. This training process gives you the endurance to do a good job in real-life situations that might need such exercises.

Fitness Requirements:

pass the 5-event physical-fitness qualification test
(all while wearing boots and BDU)
run, dodge, and jump
inverted crawl
2-mile run
100-meter swim

Check out these questions from athletes at our gym.

Question: “What is a Tier one operators 2 mile ruck march times?”

Well.. this depends on the terrain, load of the pack, and temperature. If it is a jungle, 98 degrees hot, and the ruck is straight up a hill on a muddy dirt road – that will be different from a ruck test on a hilly gravel road in 40-degree desert temperature. An operator should be able to move 3 miles an hour with a 50 lb pack.

Question: Coach, I will never be in the Army, let alone Delta. Is there a way I can do a Delta Force home workout?

Ha, well yes. Several of the workouts above you can do out of your garage or basement gym. Another one – in a small space do 5 minutes of max burpees. That is a good SF style workout you can do at home with very little space. Most operatives do not have the equipment to do a full gym workout at all times, so they have to make do with whatever is available to them. Also; check out the Special Forces Assessment PDF. You might not be able to complete the workout right away, but you can definitely start taking steps towards trying it. If you need more workouts, just email me.

Question: How is GORUCK selection compared with army delta force training?

GoRuck selection is 48 hours. Delta Force is much longer and teaching you skills. We do recommend all of the GoRuck courses if your training for Special Forces or Delta.

Question: What is Army Delta Force?

The United States Army Delta Force, officially known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), is one of the most elite and secretive units within the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Established in 1977, Delta Force is tasked with conducting highly classified and specialized counterterrorism, hostage rescue, and direct action missions worldwide. Its primary mission is to execute complex, high-risk operations that require exceptional skill, precision, and stealth. Delta Force operators undergo rigorous selection and training processes, recruiting from various branches of the military, including the Army Special Forces, Rangers, and other specialized units. Their training includes mastering firearms, hand-to-hand combat, urban warfare, reconnaissance, and other specialized skills necessary for executing covert missions.

Delta Force operates under a veil of secrecy, and its missions and accomplishments are often classified. Their expertise and effectiveness have been demonstrated in numerous high-profile operations, including the capture of high-value targets and successful hostage rescues. With a reputation for excellence and being at the forefront of counterterrorism efforts, Delta Force (дельта форс) remains a crucial asset in U.S. national security, working alongside other elite special operations units to protect the country’s interests and combat global threats.

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