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Top 10 Tactical Gloves

We get asked all of the time for recommendations on tactical gloves for air soft shooting, CrossFit workouts and just hanging out in the field and shooting with your buddies. Check out this list of gloves so that you can make the best decision. First off – Why would you wear tactical gloves? Tactical gloves... Read More
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Delta Force Workout

These guys are the best of the US Army – culled from the top Rangers and Green Berets to form the Delta Force. This elite “Tier 1” unit is also known as CAG or simply “the Unit”. These warriors have to be in the best shape both physically and mentally in order to complete the... Read More
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This Navy SEAL/SOF Combat Gear List has several items civilians can use

As soon as the Bin-Laden raid went down, we were getting questions on “what Navy SEALs carry into combat missions” or “what kinds of Navy SEAL gear do SEALs use in day-to-day operations?”. Check out the gear that Team Six carried on the infamous raid on Bin-Laden and other raids in Somalia and around the... Read More
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Army Ranger Workout Plan + Tips

The Army Rangers have been called the “Tip of the Spear”. Their mantra or call out is “Rangers Lead the Way”. To become a Ranger takes a full commitment, ultimate discipline and mentally grueling workouts. You will have to turn off the cell phone and give up a few late night parties to begin on... Read More

Top 10 Military Sock Reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for these military socks and you be the judge which ones are best for your feet. Whether you are training in the military or going out for your next GORUCK event – you will need a good pair of socks to protect your feet. We have reviewed and personally... Read More
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Top 10 Special Forces Backpack Reviews

Top 10 Special Forces Backpack Reviews: “You’ve used so many tactical backpacks, so what is your favorite Special Forces tactical backpack?” We get this question weekly “What backpack do Special Forces use and which one is the best?”. SGPT has put together a list of top brands voted on by our members from around the... Read More
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Top 10 Green Beret Books

Check out this list of recommended Top 10 list of Green Beret books and learn more about these Special Forces warriors. The Green Berets are the most elite branch of the U.S. Army as Special Forces soldiers. They conduct unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism. CHOSEN SOLDIER This is a... Read More
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Top 10 Special Forces Survival Kit

We get questions all the time on what gear would a Special Forces soldier put in his survival kit. Or “Do you have a survival kit you could recommend that is already put together”?. Lets take a look at some survival kits and items where you can build your own. The best place to start... Read More
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Special Forces Workout

During the summer I was stationed up at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and was able to do several Special Forces workouts with the soldiers. Getting into the US Special Forces is not easy and requires you to pass several selection programs. The first step to wearing the Army Green Beret is to pass the Special... Read More

Karrimor SF Sabre backpack reviews

Check out the reviews, comparisons, videos and info on the Karrimor SF Sabre backpacks and you make the decision for your your next field work or training event. The Karrimor SF backpack comes in a few different sizes so make sure you get a pack big enough for your needs. Karrimor SF Sabre 45 Rucksack Review... Read More
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Top 10 Navy SEAL (Special Forces) Boots

Whether you’re looking for a pair of good hunting boots for the season or gearing up for a military deployment overseas you will need a good pair of boots. What is the best boot? The boot that fits your foot the best, drains well and lasts a long time in rough terrain. You could have... Read More

Merrell Sawtooth Boot Review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Merrell Sawtooth boots and you make the best choice for your feet on your next big hike. Merrell Sawtooth Hiking Boot Purchased these boots for the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan. These boots are amazing for the price. Very comfortable. I did a 8 mile foot... Read More
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US Navy Submarine Headed for South Korea and is Loaded with Extra Gear and Ready for Action

The Ohio-class US Navy submarine has a reputation for carrying Special Operation Teams because it’s one of the largest in the Navy’s fleet. When the USS Michigan stopped in Busan, a South Korean City, many noticed the silos on top that could be carrying SDV’s (SEAL Delivery Vehicles). These SEAL delivery vehicles are tiny subs... Read More
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First Female Applies for SEAL Candidacy

Two females have applied for spots in traditionally all-male Naval Special Warfare teams, according to National Public Radio. One female has applied as an officer for SEAL candidacy, and the other female for SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Crewman). The Navy first opened special warfare positions to females in March of 2016. August, 2015 saw the graduation... Read More
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