SAS Special Forces Workout

SAS Special Forces workout

When the British want to bring in precision firepower for specialized missions – they call the British SAS.

The Special Air Service or SAS is a regiment of the British Army constituted on 31 May 1950.

The British SAS is known for their infamous saying “He Who Dares Wins”.

Check out these videos and workouts as we take a look at the hard work of the SAS as they train and hunt to kill bad guys.

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The SAS traces its origins to 1941 and the Second World War where they were very successful in their campaigns.

The SAS was reformed as part of the Territorial Army in 1947, and named the 21st Battalion, SAS Regiment, (Artists Rifles).

These elite warriors are considered the best of the best and have been utilized in a number of high profile anti-terrorist raids.There are 3 main training stages within the British SAS.


The selection process to become a member of the SAS is notoriously difficult and only a small percentage of candidates are ultimately selected to join the unit. The selection process includes a series of grueling physical and mental tests, as well as assessments of a candidate’s leadership, decision-making, and communication skills.

The first phase is meant to get rid of the weak and identify the strong.

You will be blasted daily with hard physical workouts and constant mental stress.

Those not ready are quickly weeded out.

The first part of the training in Selection is simple.

You have to ruck from point A to point B.

Sounds simple but is incredibly hard once you add on a 50 lb Bergen (British rucksack).

Check out this SGPT Article “Ruck Hiking Tips”

The second phase is held in arduous conditions in hot bug infested jungles around the world.  The trainees begin to learn tactical skills that they will apply in the field.

The third phase is extremely harsh with survival escape rescue and evasion along with being subjected to interrogation under duress.

3rd phase of training is spent trying to survive being chased by enemy combatants and keeping your wits if captured and interrogated.

Evasion can be through the countryside, edges of small towns and urban areas.

The key is to hide during the day and only move at night. If there is a rainstorm or bad weather that is another great time to move and not be seen.


75 pushups
75 situps
50 pull ups
75 squats
50 four count flutter kicks
5k Ruck hike with weighted backpack over hilly terrain with creek crossings (get wet)
75 pushups
75 situps
50 pull ups
50 four count flutter kicks


Run 5k
urban obstacle course 800 meters
Run 5k
100 pushups
100 situps
50 eight count bodybuilders
50 toe to bar
Scale this workout as needed


Urban obstacle course
10 meters forward bear crawl
10 pushups
10 meters side bear crawl
10 squats
10 meters backward bear crawl
10 pushups
10 meters side bear crawl
Wear weight vest if you have one
Perform as many rounds as possible and post in comments

The Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces unit of the British Army founded in 1950. But does trace its origins to 1941 and World War 2.

The British SAS, or Special Air Service, is a highly elite special forces unit within the British Armed Forces. The unit was initially formed in 1941 during World War II and has since gained a reputation for being one of the most highly skilled and capable special forces units in the world.

The SAS is primarily tasked with conducting covert and clandestine operations behind enemy lines, often in hostile and dangerous environments. Their operations can range from reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, to direct action missions such as hostage rescues and sabotage. This group is highly classified and the British government will not comment on their status.

The SAS has been involved in numerous conflicts around the world, including the Gulf War, the war in Afghanistan, and the Iraq War. They are also often called upon to provide assistance during domestic emergencies and crises.

Overall, the British SAS is considered to be one of the most highly trained and capable special forces units in the world, and their expertise and skill are highly valued by the British government and military.

A typical workout that the British SAS soldiers would do as a test of fitness may vary depending on the specific training program and selection process. However, some general components of a typical SAS fitness test might include:

RUNNING: The SAS places a heavy emphasis on running, as this is a key component of many of their operations. Candidates may be required to run several miles, often while carrying a heavy backpack or other equipment.

ENDURANCE: The SAS also tests endurance through exercises such as rucking (long-distance marching while carrying a heavy backpack), swimming, and paddling small boats.

STRENGTH: Soldiers may be required to complete various strength-training exercises, such as pull-ups, push-ups, and weightlifting, to demonstrate their physical strength.

Obstacle courses: Obstacle courses are often used to test a soldier’s agility, coordination, and ability to think on their feet. These may include crawling under barbed wire, climbing over walls, and navigating tight spaces.

Mental and emotional tests: In addition to physical fitness, the SAS also places a strong emphasis on mental and emotional toughness. Soldiers may be tested through exercises that require them to demonstrate leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills under stress.


QUESTION: Hi Coach Brad,
Thanks for connecting on Facebook.
As you are aware of my eagerness to rejoin the military and join the 2nd Commando Regiment.
Here is some info on them:
They are our premier raid force whereas SAS do the recon and surgical strike force.
Can you send me some advice on pt and tips from you.
thanks Geoff

ANSWER: Good to hear from you Geoff and glad to hear that you are joining back up to Regiment. Check out the tips above on training and best of luck on your journey. Hit me with an email and I will send you a fresh SGPT t-shirt.

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