Green Beret Workout

The Green Beret’s are part of the Army Special Forces and known as an elite force for high priority targets.

Special Forces (SF) are deployed throughout the world into hot spots where they face enemy forces and hostile terrain.

These operators often serve a vital role as they train indigenous forces – many times behind enemy lines and in harms way.

Some may think that doing a bunch of push ups will get you a Green Beret. That is only the start as you have to go through intense grueling training, often cold and in the mud.

These warriors are no stranger to carrying a rucksack for miles on end to reach his objective. Think you have what it takes to make it through Green Beret training?  Read on.

Recommended Goals for Army Physical Fitness Test (PFT):

  • Complete the 2-mile run in at least 12 to 14 minutes
  • 100 sit ups in 2 minutes.
  • 100 push ups in 2 minutes.

Your chances to be selected for Special Forces increase as you get your score higher towards 300 points.

To prepare for Green Beret training you need to be swimming at least twice a week. Check out the workout below to help you.

Green Beret Workout – Swim workout #1
Swim 1000 meters using side stroke (for beginners).
Advanced swimmers 2000 meters or more.
Then… pool drills. Swim underwater 25 meters. Rest 2 minutes. 3 times. Then..
100 four count flutter kicks as you leave the pool
Run 2 miles.

Green Beret Workout – Swim workout #2
Swim wearing long pants and boots for 100 meters. Break this into 50 meter swims if needed. Always swim with a buddy. Never swim alone.

Some people think that Green Berets/Special Forces do not swim much. Check out the video below of the Special Forces combat diver program. If you want to step up to this level – you will have to be able to swim with proficiency.

You should be running three to four times a week.  Work on longer runs (3 to 5 miles) to increase endurance.  But don’t forget about the 1 mile run as that is what you will need to qualify in the Army PFT.

Green Beret workout #1 – Running

3 rounds for time
800 meter run
50 situps
50 supermans

Green Beret workout #2 – Running

Run 800 meters forward (in sand if you can)
run 400 meters backwards
run 800 meters forwards
run 400 meters backwards
note time and record in log book

You should be ruck marching one day a week with a load.  Start with 20 lbs and work your way up to 50 lbs.

Perform bodyweight workouts every other day.  There is no real need to lift weights as you will not touch a barbell or Nautilus machine during Special Forces training. If you think you need weights then use a sand bag or ruck as your weight. You can press the sand bag overhead and do squats and bench press. Again – you will not touch a barbell in the SF Qualifications course – so leave it behind in your training.


Run 0.5 mile
100 pushups
100 pull ups
100 situps
100 air squats
Run 0.5 mile
note time and record in your training log

Workout #2

5 rounds for time
20 walking lunges (each leg)
15 burpees
10 box jumps (or squat jumps if no box)
note time and record in training log

If your training is going well – an added step is to work up to a Spartan Race, Tough mudder or long trail run. These are a great way to test your ability in outdoor conditions for the long haul. Try to do a few races a year to hone your body and mind.

Workout #3

50 pull ups
100 pushups
Ruck 5 miles up to top of mountain
100 pushups
Ruck back down mountain to base
50 pull ups
record time in comments below

Workout #4

pull up pyramid
run 1 mile
run 2 miles
record time in comments below

Check out these questions from our athletes.

Question: “Is CrossFit a good method to train for the US Army and selection?”. Yes; but start slow and build your way up. Make sure you always do a mobility warmup. Learn the dead hang pull up before you do kipping pull ups. There is no need to lift heavy weights if going for Special Forces training. If they tell you there is they are full of crap. Always finish with a mobility cool down and foam rolling. Drink lots of fresh water. Eat a good moderate meal with lots of veggies and protein.

Question: “Is there a step by step Spec Ops workout?”. Yes; checkout the workouts above and do them. Post up your times and reps in the comments below. Rinse and repeat and mix them up.

Question: Do Special Forces soldiers use CrossFit? Yes; some do but an SF guy told Greg Glassman (founder of CrossFit). that doing CrossFit helped him realize that the secret to developing the camaraderie necessary for special-forces units is to combine agony with laughter.

Question: I am training for US Army now – where can I get a t shirt to wear in my home gym? Check out U.S. Army Special Forces T-shirt.

Question: How hard is the Spec ops swimming portion? It is hard enough that if your thinking about it you need to get your @ss to the pool this afternoon and swim.

Question: Where can I find some good training videos? Check out the videos above.

Question: Which is harder sf selection vs buds? Both are very hard.

Question: What are some green beret mobility drills to get ready for a ruck march? A good hip mobility drill for ruck marching would be to do walking lunges and do the warrior yoga pose.

Question: What are the best books on preparing for the military special forces ? Check out our extensive list of great books to get you ready for Spec Ops – HERE

Question: Do you have to be a great swimmer to be a green beret? You dont need to be as good a swimmer as a Navy SEAL candidate but you still need to be comfortable in the water and know how to swim to be a Green Beret.

Question: I am doing a Spartan Race coming up. What is a ruck in spartan workout? A ruck is a backpack.

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