Army Special Forces Assessment Workout PDF

The Special Forces Assessment and Selection Physical Training Handbook

Army Special Forces represents the premier Department of Defense force designed to conduct special warfare. Special Forces Soldiers are specifically selected, trained and educated to shape foreign political and military environments by working with and through host nations, regional partners and indigenous populations. Special Forces provides the United States with a small-footprint option for influencing unfriendly regimes, addressing insurgencies and containing conflicts that could destabilize U.S. allies and partners. To accomplish these missions, Special Forces possesses qualities and capabilities to mix nonlethal and lethal activities designed to shape the environment, deter conflict, prevail in war or successfully conduct a wide range of contingency operations.

Special Forces Soldiers are known around the world as fighters and teachers. They are highly trained and capable of missions ranging from teaching foreign soldiers Infantry tactics to building schools and treating the sick. Experts in their fields, they speak foreign languages so they can build rapport with partners and teach their skills to others. Trained to be resourceful and able to survive behind enemy lines for months if necessary, they are equally at home in the jungle or in arctic climates. They are uniquely qualified to do the jobs no one else can.

Attendance at Special Forces Assessment and Selection will require you to perform physical tasks such as climbing obstacles, by use of rope, 20-30 feet high, swimming while wearing boots and the Army Combat Uniform, and traveling great distances cross country while carrying a rucksack with a minimum of 45 pounds. Upper and lower body strength and physical endurance are required to accomplish physically-oriented goals on a continuous basis for 24 days. You need to be in excellent shape and be able to carry a rucksack day-after-day. Special Forces Assessment and Selection is an assessment of you. You will not be taught or coached to get through — you must make it on your own strengths.

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Who are US Army Special Forces?

The US Army Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets, stand tall as an elite and highly specialized branch within the United States military. These exceptional soldiers are handpicked and rigorously trained to excel in unconventional warfare, mastering a diverse set of skills that extend far beyond typical combat training. What sets the Special Forces apart is their proficiency in operating clandestinely, often working in small teams or alongside indigenous forces in some of the world’s most challenging and volatile environments. Renowned for their adaptability, these warriors possess expertise in language proficiency, cultural understanding, combat medicine, and a spectrum of other specialized capabilities, all geared toward accomplishing their missions with precision and finesse.

What truly defines the US Army Special Forces is their commitment to the core values of the Green Beret: excellence, courage, dedication, and teamwork. These soldiers undergo extensive training and selection processes, enduring both physically and mentally demanding challenges that sift out those who are truly capable of handling the pressures of unconventional warfare. Their missions are varied, ranging from counterinsurgency and counterterrorism to humanitarian aid and peacekeeping operations, showcasing their versatility and capability to operate in diverse scenarios. Above all, the Green Berets are a symbol of unwavering dedication and professional competence, embodying the ethos of “De Oppresso Liber” – to liberate the oppressed – as they carry out their missions with unparalleled skill and valor.

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