Imagine Your Best Life

Team SGPT:

This week has really been amazing. Perfect weather – getting into the gym for sessions and helping others learn and grow.

I had fun typing that headline. Imagine Your Best Life.

Wow. Think about that. Or do You? Do you dream daily of meeting your best self and shaking his hand?

Extending my hand to my best self — Job well done, mate. You fulfilled your destiny. Sure did.

Or is your day full of chaos and roller coaster ups and downs…. highs and lows?

At a young age of 19 I was like most any other average guy.

I thought briefly about living a better life – but really was more focused on partying and “living in the now”….. short term gratification.

But in the end that got really tiring. I was getting “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired”.

I knew there had to be a better way. I knew that I was destined to live a better life.

How did I know? I think we all know deep down…. but most times we cover it up.

We smother it up with self doubt. Others saying negative things like “You can’t do that” or even worse. “You don’t deserve that”.

You should have heard the howls of laughter when I proclaimed I would become a Navy SEAL.

Hahahahhaaa…. oh yeah Brad… are you going to ride the Space Shuttle out to California too?

But I dug in….. as I had a little spark…. and I kept going back to that spark as it was something I could not ignore and cover up. I started to listen to that spark.

I got in the gym and got myself a stack of good books. I worked my mind and my body hard.

Actually — I did not “work” so much as I absolutely punished myself. I worked out in the gym like a madman. I was doing preacher curls (seriously) and all sorts of machines and whatever I could do to transform myself.

I was the caterpillar in the cocoon. I squirmed and worked and heaved and sweated to emerge and become the butterfly.

Most of what I did was not really worthy (preacher curls and such)….

But I found my SOUL. Deep down in my belly – I found a young man that would not be satisfied with being second best… with being another %&#@ing nobody from north Florida.

I rose up and broke those chains. I emerged from the Cocoon and swung that chain like a freaking madman daring anyone to get in my way.

I am never going back to that place where I was less than zero.


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Funny thing is… my journey – my hardship – was only beginning.

But that was ok as I had found what I needed. I found the SPARK.

The SPARK is all you need. You don’t have to be jacked and ripped and gorgeous. You only have to have the SPARK which leads to a DREAM.

What is your SPARK? What is your DREAM? Will you stand up today and fight for what is YOURS?

I am speaking directly to you now. No one else. Only you — and you know it deep down in your belly that your destined for more. You deserve your DREAM.

Email me now and let me know what your DREAM is — be accountable.

There is nothing wrong with Standing Up for Your DREAM!

Break the chains. Swing that chain like a freaking madman. Dare anyone to get in your path as YOU will stand up and walk forward to claim what is yours for the taking.

Dare yourself — to Stand up.

Train Hard!

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