Lean Into the Week

Its Monday and I am jacked out of Mind. I just got back from New Jersey hanging out with Paulie and crew — these guys know how to push you to the next level and coach you up to bring out the best in you.


How are your Goals coming along? The ones you worked on back in December ahead of the New Years Resolution crowd.

Time to Lean into Your Goals for this week. No time to back off and level off.

Find out what a Navy SEAL knows about Mental Toughness

What does that mean “Lean In”. It means to not back off. To not be distracted or to give up. It means to lean forward, fall forward, move the chains.

The average person forgets about their Goals (or gives up) some time late in January.

We want this to be a continual – daily – weekly – monthly habit.

This is about more than pushups and pull ups. This is about creating a healthy lifestyle and pushing forward in every level in your life.

You Next Best Self is waiting for you around the Corner.

If you would have told me at 18 that I would have become a Navy SEAL and traveled the world – I would have told you that your crazy.

At 19 I knew this was my destiny to be something MORE than I currently was.

It was bigger than being a Navy SEAL – It was about reaching my life destiny.

Yeah; that sounds kinda heady… but really I just wanted to do something with my life.

What will you do with YOUR life? How will YOU step up to become who you really need to be?

Your family, Your friends — think of how the world will benefit from this new You.

How bad do you want it?

Personally – I want it real bad. I don’t care about sleep or food when I get in the Zone. I want to be pushed.

Read this interview of a Coach that REALLY Pushed me <——-

Do You have someone to push You and Coach you Up to the next Level?

Email me now – Click Here – and tell me what it is that YOU want – and how I can help you obtain it.

Seriously – I answer all emails.

P.S. I will be Coaching at SEALFIT Kokoro in March if any of you want to come and visit.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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