Dragon Door vs Lifeline Kettlebells

dragon door kettlebells

We love kettle bells for a good all around workout and pound for pound may be the best single exercise device found in the gym.

Check out the reviews, videos and comparisons for the Dragon Door vs Lifeline Kettlebells and you make the best decision for your gym.

Dragon Door Kettlebell Review by NewEngland Yankee
Having compared the DragonDoor Russian kettlebells
(these), Dragon Door Russian Reds, Perform Better, Powermax, GoFit, Cap, and Troy, I can say that these are the best-finished I’ve personally seen. They are VERY expensive on a per-pound basis, however, and I would not personally pay that much for kettlebells. My choice is Perform Better, which is also quite well made at a fraction of the Dragon Door cost.

I understand that Ader, Lifeline USA, and Agatsu make very nice kettlebells also (I haven’t seen them), but shipping is expensive, as it is with the Dragon Door bells. As I can get the Perform Better bells locally (making a single 16 kg bell $60 cheaper), that seals the deals for me. My advice is to buy the best you can get without having to pay shipping. If that’s the Dragon Doors, you win! Be aware that these are epoxy coated. Nothing wrong with that – but they are slicker than some. DragonDoor.com Kettlebell Review

Video – Dragon Door Kettlebell Review

Check out Russian KettleBells @ DragonDoor.com

Lifeline Kettlebell Review by Jon
I have owned a variety of kettlebells over the years from a variety of companies. Truthfully I find it hard to screw up a kettlebell. The Lifeline kettle bell has produced a very good kettlebell that is very “balanced” in its dimensions, and is a quality product. You can pay significantly more for a kettlebell from other kettlebell “specialists”, but you won’t pay more for a better kettlebell going through Lifeline.

Video – Lifeline vs Dragon Door Kettlebell review

Check out the Lifeline USA Kettlebell @ Amazon.com

Lifeline Kettlebell Review by John
These kettlebells have an outstanding finish that provides just enough texture to prevent slippage even under sweaty conditions, yet is smooth enough to prevent any rips. The Lifeline kettle bell is perfectly seamless too. Also, the workmanship on the bottom is phenomenal. Absolutely the smoothest, flattest bottom to a kettlebell I’ve ever seen. Finally, the best part is that they’re made in the USA. While some companies have run off to China (i.e., Dragon Door), Lifeline continues to produce a high quality product right here in the States.

Here is a workout we did at my home garage gym recently

Workout #1
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Question: Which do you prefer with the performbetter kettlebells vs. lifeline kettle bells? Both are good so flip a coin. You can check out more on Performbetter kettlebells here

Where can I find out more information about kettle bell organizations? Check out this link http://ikff.net/

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