BSN vs Advocare

Check out the reviews, info and videos on BSN vs Advocare protein supplements and you make the decision which is best for your body and workouts.

Advocare has been making the rounds in the CrossFit boxes for a few years now. Rich Froning just made the jump to Advocare after being with BSN and before that Progenex. BSN supplements is the new big time player working to muscle its way in. Read on and make your decision.

BSN Protein Review

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BSN Protein review by DK:
I love this protien. I’ve been using the same flavor for two years now and can’t stop. I feel this protien is the best bang for your buck if you can’t afford all the proteins separately.

Advocare Muscle Gain Protein Review

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Advocare Muscle Gain Protein review
In my opinion this is one of the most powerful Advocare workout products that they sell. I know when I take this that I will start to put on muscle.

Rich Froning used Progenex in the 2012 CrossFit Games but has since been sponsored by BSN and now uses their products.

The latest word (January 10, 2014) is that Rich Froning is now part of the Advocare team – see the tweet just posted below.
rich froning uses advocare

more info here: Does Rich Froning use Advocare products?

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What do you recommend on Advocare Muscle Gain vs Progenex More Muscle? I would try each product and see which one your body responds to.

What’s your take in a side by side comparison of advocare and progenex? Post up your comments below.

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