Muscle Pharm Arnold Series Iron Whey Reviews

Muscle Pharm Arnold Series Iron Whey Reviews

Muscle Pharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey review by MS
I guess I’m a little confused by all the negative reviews on here. I have had a lot of experience with different protein supplements and this supplement is high quality. Low quality protein supplements give you gas even when you take the right amount. This particular brand does not give you gas. I do not drink a protein shake for the taste. With that said, this protein supp is far above average. I’m super confused why people are commenting on taste. I think most serious athletes could care less about the taste.

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The nutritional profile is above average. Is it the best? Not really. Take a look at the supplements that have the best and evaluate whether you actually need what they are selling. My paycheck does not depend on adding 10 lbs of lean muscles so I’m ok with taking a high quality product and not the very best. This is a really solid supplement. I got this supplement on sale but even at the currenct price of $45 for 5 lbs, it’s a pretty good deal. I will most likely order some more when I run out. I think it tastes great but even more importantly, it’s a quality product. Give this supplement a shot.

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Muscle Pharm Arnold Series Iron Whey Reviews

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