Nordic Naturals vs Carlson fish oil

Check out these reviews and videos for Nordic Naturals vs Carlson fish oil and you be the judge which one is best.

Nordic Naturals – Ultimate Omega, 1000 mg, 180 softgels review by Charles:

This is truly a great product.

My doctor suggested it to help bring my cholesterol under control, and it has worked wonderfully.

I plan to make it a part of my daily supplement regimen. I will never be without it again.

Video – Carlson fish oil benefits

Carlson Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3 review by Erik: Bottom Line:

Fish Oil really works to prevent artery disease, namely heart disease and strokes. It’s not a bogus health food thing, it really works.

You need the EPA and the DHA from the Carlson Fish Oil. The other omega-3’s, 6’s etc. aren’t the same. Skip the flaxseed, etc. You want enough EPA and DHA, you don’t wanna be grossed out by the taste or get a fishy “repeat”, and you don’t wanna drink a bunch of unnecessary fat.

This stuff is good because: it has the right concentration of EPA/DHA: 1.3 g/teasp, which is high. And it tastes good. Even Nordic Naturals, a very respected company, has a similar EPA/DHA level, but tastes nasty.

Carlson Review by Pete:
I like that the Carlson fishoil has a good taste and I don’t get fish burps an hour later. I turned my mom on to them as she is looking to improve the quality of her life and replenish her body after doing yoga.

Question: Is there a third party fish oil testing standard? Yes; check it out here:

Question: Does Nordic Naturals make vitamins? Yes; they make children’s vitamins.

Question: What about paragon vs nordic naturals? We are working on a review comparison for both of those products now.

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