Progenex Military Discount

Progenex Military Discount

Progenex Ships to Army Post Offices (APO’s)

Progenex Military DiscountDue to the increased demand by military soldiers all over the world – Progenex protein is now shipping to Air and Army Post Offices worldwide. The Progenex website has all requisite shipping and delivery information listed and you can even set up a monthly supply option.


Whitney Welsh and CrossFit Elite Athletes use Progenex Recovery protein

SEALgrinderPT is an official PROGENEX Affiliate and a company owned and run by a military veteran – so we can now share a special discount code that enables you to get any PROGENEX product at 10% off the retail price (click here for even more codes). Simply use the Affiliate Code SGPT during checkout to receive 10% off your order. I chose to partner with PROGENEX because I feel strongly about their products and the results they produce. As always, I am happy to share my experiences with PROGENEX, too, so feel free to ask me!
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Brandon Pastorek and CrossFit Elite Athletes use Progenex Recovery protein

If you are stationed overseas and are in need of Progenex – we now ship to Army Post Offices (APO’s) so you can get your protein needs taken care of.

The Right Choice for the Best Body – Progenex
Whether you are a professional bodybuilder, a trained athlete, or indeed a fitness enthusiast, you have probably grown up listening to the mantra that “proteins are the building blocks of your body.” Truer words were never spoken when it comes to Progenex! As such, protein based products have flooded the market. Varying in price ranges and their “exclusive” miracle formulations, these products promise you the stars and basking in the limelight but the truth is, often times, far from it.

Walk the Walk
These dime a dozen concoctions seem to fit the classic adage of being “good from far but far from good.” In a fickle market scenario like this, Progenex seems to be a product that believes fitness miracles must be seen and not just heard. The results that this dairy protein supplement has produced are out there for public evaluation and appreciation.

A Powerful Supplement
Competition is at a fever pitch and athletes today need professional help to be everything they can be so they can achieve their maximum potential. Progenex was designed to do just this and more. The founders of Progenex have succeeded in creating a powerful supplement that attacks the root cause of a less than stellar performance.

A Superior Product
Protein-rich products work. That’s true. That is not in dispute. But Progenex works better! The reason for the great results that this product displays is the quick absorption formula that they have perfected. Not everyone has washboard abs and ripped muscles – no one is proclaiming this. Thinking about the perfect body will not transform your body into one. This requires an infinite amount of dedication and perseverance. Training and eating right have no substitutes. Progenex is designed to supplement a healthy lifestyle and attitude by making it possible to achieve the goals that have been set, faster, and in a more concrete way.

Progenex Basics
The Progenex idea is simple. It is designed to make your way to an amazing and immaculately toned body easier. The way it does this is by giving muscles the requisite amount of help to recover as quickly as possible after an organized and taxing workout session. Satellite muscle cells in your body are fired up and receptive after a workout. Taking Progenex stimulates and feeds these muscle fibers and cells which make them stronger and bigger.

Erin Lavoie and CrossFit Elite Athletes use Progenex Recovery protein

Revolutionary Products
Progenex formulations are available for use in various types. These types are specifically designed to attain individual goals. A set of repetitions can make a difference to one’s fitness training. How much difference can they make? This aspect is under your control.

RECOVERY by Progenex is geared toward ensuring that each rep one does has the maximum possible effect on the body building. Reducing the average muscle recovery time from 3 days to a mere number of hours, RECOVERY helps you to exercise more, to your advantage, and reduces the break time in between workouts.

Progenex’s MORE MUSCLE has been shown to double the strength gains as compared to any other product on the market. By targeting the elusive Type II muscle fibers, MORE MUSCLE provides you the strength to lift more and heavier weights while continually feeding the right muscle type. This lean muscle ensures that you achieve the very best body composition that you possibly can. The best of both worlds is offered through Progenex’s ProPack, which includes both RECOVERY and MORE MUSCLE.

GROWTH on the other hand is Progenex’s specialized formulation that aims at enhanced protein synthesis in the Type II muscle fibers. Taken immediately after a strenuous training session, Progenex’s GROWTH maximizes the enlargement of these muscles.

CrossFit? PROGENEX Science
The latest and growing trend in athleticism is an organization of the World’s fittest human beings: CrossFit. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with a community of worldwide professional athletes, champion martial artists, police academies, military special operation’s units, tactical operational teams, and hardcore housewives. According to CrossFit, they are not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the ten recognized fitness domains: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. It offers any individual, amateur or pro, the opportunity to take part in their “universal scalability” of tests which are devised to eliminate the weak and ensure only the committed succeed. These elite groups of athletes are competitors who find success at the annual CrossFit Games.

Good Enhanced to Excellent
Many new changes have been made to the old Progenex formulations. It is great to see that the results only seem to have improved. Progenex has always concentrated on faster absorption of proteins into the bloodstream. Whey Protein Isolates or WPI’s are hydrolyzed they ensure that the muscles you are working on are simultaneously working with you to gain as much as possible from the product. Hydrolyzing through a proprietary process results in the cutting of the protein into smaller and more easily absorbent peptide fragments. This is more easily said than done.

Process Streamlined
Progenex’s unique formulation of bioactive proteins and amino acid concentrations*is that ingredient which makes a world of a difference. Absorption of proteins begins in just a few minutes instead of the average 5 to 6 hours.

Improvement at a Breakneck Pace
Another set of changes have been with regards to the flavoring and taste of the solutions. One can now purchase these beneficial supplements in delectable flavors like Belgian Chocolate and Tropical Vanilla. For those who believe in the no frills way, the option of Raw or Unflavored supplement also exists. In terms of the taste, the flavoring has improved by removing harmful Aspartame from the product. In it’s place, the fructose component isn’t a bother as it is a crystalline fructose and not a high fructose corn syrup. Crystalline fructose has little or no impact on blood sugar, and is fine for diabetics. The protein formulation that has been created is highly powerful and initially, a little bitter. This flavoring change only affects the “taste” component of Progenex, for the better.

Availability of Progenex
At this moment in time, any of the Progenex products may be ordered online exclusively through their website, which is Good news for military personnel because Progenex also delivers to APO addresses. Their website has all requisite shipping and delivery information listed and you can even set up a monthly supply option.

Seeing Should be Believing
The worthiness of a product is best gauged by its results and the testimonials of people who have put it to the test. Progenex sits in A-list standing. Used by NFL, NBA, NHL, and NBL players, this product has also been validated by Olympic skiers, those conducting expeditions to the North Pole, as well as participants in the 2010 CrossFit Games. Who has a greater credibility than these folks?

Total Confirmation
Progenex is a trusted and widely used brand in the circles of professional and amateur athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. Statistics show that Progenex’s bioactive is 250 times more intense than those of other products on the market. Numbers never lie and neither do visible results! Make the right choice to attain the best body!

For additional information and articles or to purchase Progenex go to Progenex Protein. For a full review of Progenex Protein click here

Progenex Military Discount

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