Progenex vs 3FU3L Review

Check out any online discussion forum and there is much debate in the CrossFit community over which protein or supplements to use. Check out the info below and reviews and make your choice – Progenex vs 3FU3L (also called 3Fuel).

You can take Progenex Recovery after every training session. If you are training multiple times in one day, you can take a Progenex Recovery shake after each session.

Should I take Progenex Recovery on non-training days? Progenex Recovery is specifically designed as a post-training supplement. Taking it on non-training days will not necessarily add additional recovery gains. However, it would increase your high quality protein intake.

Can I take Progenex Recovery with Progenex More Muscle? Absolutely.

Do I need to add double the water if I take PROGENEX Recovery with PROGENEX More Muscle? No. You would use the same amount of water as you would if you were taking either PROGENEX Recovery or More Muscle.

Do you recommend mixing Recovery and More Muscle together in one shake?

You can after longer, tougher workouts but it is not necessary on a typical workout. PROGENEX Recovery is typically enough for post-workout.

Can Recovery and More Muscle be taken with carbs?

Yes. You can eat some carbs approximately 15 minutes after consuming a Recovery or More Muscle shake.

Can I sprinkle Recovery or More Muscle on my steel cut oats?

We do not recommend it. You can eat your steel cut oats about 15 minutes after drinking your Recovery or More Muscle shake.

Can I blend fruit or yogurt with my Recovery shake? Yes.

3fu3L Review

Just wondering if others have tried the new CF (endurance) supplement 3Fu3L. I picked up a bag yesterday, and I took one serving (two scoops) prior to a strength session followed by a short met con (Fran). Here are just some of my thoughts on the product.

Taste: I think some people will have a problem with it. I personally don’t mind the bland taste, bc I am paying for something with little artificial sweetener in it (stevia) but compared to other supplement products out there it is pretty bad.


I think that it mixed very easily, and did not clump up. It also was not “dusty” like regular waxy maize. If you have ever used the regular kind you probably know what I am talking about.


This is where I think the product could have a problem. When two scoops mixed into 1/2 liter of water it turned into a very thick, gravy like substance. It literally reminded me of a more liquid version of KFC type gravy. Now for someone using it in a gym setting it probably really isn’t a problem, you can add more water and thin it out. But if an endurance athlete was using it in a water bottle on a belt or something similar, i think it would be very thick. Or you would have to water it down so much you would be carrying more water than Fuel.


Obviously one use is not going to tell you real performance results. So I will continue to use it and test it over different workouts.

I will say that I do like everything Brian puts out, and I think it is a good product in terms of ingredients. I hope it does well, but i am curious how his endurance athletes are dealing with the consistency issue.

Also as a frame of reference I have tried a lot of pre-workout nutrition protocols over the years using various supplements and whole food sources. All of them have their positives and negatives and at the end of the day they are small pieces to the very large “recovery pie: proper programming, consistent nutrition, rest, soft tissue work, sleep, stress management, mindset etc.”. What I look for in a pre-workout protocol is based on my goals, diet and preferences. I do not believe (nor should anyone else) any of these products are the magic bullet.

Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: When using 3fu3l, how long to take before running? We have used it one half hour before running and felt fine (no bloating or burps). If you read the website they just say to take before a run or after.

Question: Do you have any discounts or coupons for 3Fuel? Yes; check out discounts at here:

Question: How can I learn more about CrossFit? Check out the CrossFit website here:

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