Serious Mass vs Muscle Juice

Check out the reviews, comparisons, info and videos on Serious Mass vs Muscle Juice protein supplements and you be the judge which one to put in your body.

Serious Mass review
8 weeks back I set a goal to put on 15 pounds of lean muscle (building from 190 to 205).

I just passed the deadline two days ago and am now sitting 2 lbs above my goal at 207 lbs.

And I had to change everything. From my diet to training to supplementing. Serious Mass was a HUGE help for the added calories and protein and stacked perfectly with my cycle of CRUSCH: Ultimate Tri-Phase Creatine. The gains in strength alone were worth it. And the size is real size, no garbage water weight.

MUSCLE JUICE 2600 Review
I’ve been lifting weights for a number of years, and have made considerable physical progress. However, due to various circumstances, I had not been getting an adequate amount of calories in my daily diet. As a result, I became increasingly stronger with each workout, but my muscles were not growing in size as I had wanted. I could give you a list of the mass-gaining powders and supplements that I’ve tried, none of which seemed to work for me. One product would make me feel extremely bloated and nauseus for 6 hours after taking it, another product (that will remain unamed) litterally made me sick for a number of months after drinking it regularly. I began to give up hope when I read an ad. for Muscle Juice in a recent issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Questions from athletes in our gym and readers online.

Question: Where can I find reviews on serious mass and muscle juice? Check out the reviews above for Serious mass vs Muscle Juice 2600 and you be the judge.

Question: What about Serious mass vs Carnivor mass? Some say that Carnivor is the best gainer but it depends on your nutrition plan, workouts and how much you eat.

Question: What about megataur mass vs muscle juice? I would sample both and see how your body does with this high potency protein.

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