SFH Push reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for SFH Push and you decide if it is good enough to be a part of your workouts.

I have been taking SFH PUSH Fruit Punch for over a month now and before my early morning workouts. The taste is ok but I like it as it gives me a good boost but doesn’t give me the jitterbug effect and tingles (I am not a fan of that).

I don’t eat before I workout and this drink goes down ok with no problems or side effects. Ha; I have even taken it after a hangover and it perks you up pretty good as it has caffeine.

a few notes on it….

this products uses a blend of electrolytes, BCAAs, antioxidants and vitamins (B12, B6, E and C) to help improve your athletic performance.

it uses Beta-Alanine to reduce the acidification of the muscles and Quercetin as an anti-inflammatory. It also uses Arginine to improve blood flow and Glycine to reduce muscle fatigue.

It is not certified as vegan but you can read on the label there are no animal products contained in it.

It has a pretty good boost of caffeine (135 mg) so if you are sensitive to caffeine you will need to moderate your dose.

Checking the label and there is no shellfish in this product.

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